гипоаллергенная тушь для ресницThe desire for sex always look attractive clear to everyone. But in order not only to demonstrate its advantages, but also to maintain health, it is important to use only the appropriate cosmetics. For example, such as hypoallergenic mascara. It is very important to know the secrets of the selection and use of such funds.


Unlike other types of mascara

As you know, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. In seeking to emphasize the natural data, giving the eyelash thickness and length, the beautiful half of humanity invented the paint for lashes – mascara. With the development of cosmetic technology and available materials there are different types of this tool:

  • Color ink;
  • Mascara for eyelash treatment;
  • Waterproof mascara;
  • Ink, increase the volume;
  • Lengthening mascara;
  • Mascara for Allergy or Allergy-free.

If most women can use any kind of mascara of your choice, for people with sensitive eyes and for those who are prone to allergies, is actually available merely the latest version. Fortunately, manufacturers have not forgotten about this category of buyers, and today every cosmetic company has its own line of hypoallergenic means, including mascara.


The composition hypoallergenic mascara

гипоаллергенная тушь для ресницFrom the point of view of manufacturing technology, it’s simple: there are no allergic components in the composition, then, from such carcasses will not be itching, watering, red and swollen eyes. However, most hypoallergenic carcass have approximately the same composition:

  • Artificial or natural (much less, because bee products may cause an allergic reaction) wax;
  • Distilled, i.e. purified water;
  • Iron oxide, which prevents the shedding of mascara to eyelashes;
  • Glycerin for hydration eyelashes;
  • Vitamin to improve their growth.

It is important that in the pursuit of the advertised properties, the manufacturer can be removed from the composition not all of the components that can cause an allergic reaction, and to mark this mascara, as designed for sensitive eyes. But the presence of at least one of the following components can be fraught Allergy sad consequences:

  • The oil processing products;
  • Palm or korbonski wax;
  • Synthetic fragrances;
  • Propylene glycol;
  • Fatty acid-based synthetic components, are subjected to hydrogenation;
  • Mercury thimerosol.


Advantages and disadvantages of mascara for Allergy sufferers

Completely hypoallergenic mascara is able to provide its owner a number of advantages compared to conventional cosmetics:

  • The skin and the mucous membrane of the eye is not in danger of allergies, which in severe cases can lead to irreversible vision problems;
  • Natural components give the lashes a natural and well-groomed appearance;
  • Additional components (for example, vitamin B5) nourish and moisturize lashes, at the same time nourishing them;
  • Such tools are better and more pleasant texture;
  • The ink is irreplaceable for those who use contact lenses.

Unfortunately, the specific composition of hypoallergenic mascara several changes its properties, and often for the worse. In particular, hypoallergenic mascara has a number of disadvantages:

  • It will always give the normal from the point of view of increasing the volume and length of lashes;
  • The tool can quickly showered, compared to conventional cosmetic products;
  • Often have to deal with clumps on the lashes after applying this mascara;
  • Low-quality products due to the broken raw materials in its composition can still cause an allergic reaction;
  • Prices on hypoallergenic cosmetics are always higher than normal;
  • The first day of the expiration date must be replaced with this new ink.


How to make the right choice

To purchase hypoallergenic mascara was not a waste of money, but on the contrary, brought only positive emotions and care about eye health, you should choose it very carefully. In fact, it is enough to remember just two simple conditions that you need to pay attention before making a purchase.

First, you need to carefully study the composition of the funds for the controversial and problematic components. Secondly, it is desirable to test the tool. To do this, apply a small amount of the probe on the skin behind the ear and wait 10-15 minutes. If even a hint of redness and itching, such purchases should be abandoned.


The nuances of make-up remover

гипоаллергенная тушь для ресницWhen Hypo-allergenic mascara selected and suitable for all settings, many women forget that this is not enough to properly care for the eyelashes and eyelid skin. Not only is it important to buy high-quality and individually tailored product, but also learn how to use it. In particular, apply and rinse. And if the technique of applying mascara improved over time, for the right make-up remover need certain knowledge.

Thus, the first and most serious mistake, which does the most, is the destruction of carcasses using soap. No matter how gentle, moisturizing, enriched it, soap is always dries the skin and accelerates the appearance of wrinkles. That will be especially noticeable on the tender and delicate skin in the eye area.

To even more negative consequences may result in the use tonics containing alcohol in an attempt to remove the ink. Getting this tool on the mucous can be causes chemical burns of the eye.

Also, you cannot use the same tool for washing different types of cosmetics. For example, try to remove waterproof mascara regular milk or, on the contrary, constantly use special cleansers.

To choose the right tool for makeup removal is necessary based on the type of your skin. Therefore, those who use hypoallergenic mascara, it is advisable to use the same lotion or liquid makeup remover.

Cleansing traffic should be directed away from the roots of the lashes to the tips. You should always wash off the ink, if you do not want to Wake up with conjunctivitis

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