идеальные пропорции женского телаIn female nature inherent desire for beauty, the desire to look perfect. But the idea of the beautiful is different for everyone, and it is quite difficult to deduce the uniform formula of beauty for all. What should be the ideal proportions of the female body? Is there a single standard for determining the harmony of the structure of the female body?


Fashion and ideal

идеал пропорций женского телаFashion female figure is constantly changing. It becomes relevant broad-shouldered and uncovery silhouette, fashion female forms, it is of utmost importance thinness, protruding buttocks. Interestingly, women have successfully change their shape in accordance with fashion, or at least dress so that the figures seemed “right”.

At the same time is fleeting fashion affects the tastes of only the most suggestible. The other flavors remain, by and large, unchanged irrespective of fashion trends. Some like skinny, someone donuts, someone is crazy about big breast, people prefer a slim and flexible body. To say in such a situation about a single ideal of beauty is quite difficult, because any type of shape someone exactly like.

However, the laws of harmony still exist, and can be applied to female figures. And let this ideal is not liking anyone, it still corresponds to the mass perceptions of beauty.


The Golden section

красивые пропорции женского телаOne of the most famous principles of harmony is the Golden ratio. If the whole is divided into two parts, the smaller part will refer to the greater as the greater part relates to the whole. Thus, an ideal combination of parts three to five, five to eight, eight to thirteen, ten to sixteen. That is, if you divide the smaller value of more, you should get something like 0,62-0,64.

For example, it is thus possible to calculate the ideal length of the legs. The distance from head to waist should be about 0,62 on the distance of the waist from the heels. For the growth of 165 centimeters ideal length of the legs will be equal to 102 cm, for height 175 cm – 108,5 cm. Interestingly, the modern models legs are usually longer, and it seems beautiful, and not disharmonious. However, if the legs are shorter than the formula of the Golden section, then there is disharmony.

Similarly, you can calculate the optimum ratio of girths of the waist, hips and chest. It is quite close to the model parameters: if the waist circumference is 60 inches, the thigh straps and chest should be equal to 96 cm, However, and the more curvy ladies can be the perfect proportion. For example, if the girl waist is 80 cm, and the chest and hips 130 cm, it will look completely harmonious and attractive regardless of their corpulently.

форма женского телаSuch proportions are usually laid genetically, and they are almost impossible to change. You cannot lengthen your legs or change the shape type with the classic “Apple” with a slight waist at attractive hourglass. Sport in this case is also ineffective. Of course, with exercise, you can strengthen the muscles of the thighs to the waist seem thinner, but for breast changes will have to resort to plastic surgery, but this option is not for everyone.

Much easier to change the proportions of the figure with properly fitted clothing. This will allow harmonious look without spending much.


The lengthening of the foot

пропорции тела женщиныThe legs are quite easy to extend with the help of clothes. And even easier – with the help of shoes. This purpose is served by any heels. Enough to wear shoes with high heels, and legs look longer.

To enhance the effect, you should avoid details visually “cutting” of the feet, especially in the area of the calf. That is open pumps without straps at the ankle preferably closed shoes, even high heels. It is advisable to abandon boots and ankle boots, especially with a contrasting color of the legs or stockings. Boots it is best to choose high – at least to the knee, and even higher.

As for the length of the skirt, it is better if it is not below the knee. Or, at least, with some vertical slits or vertical trim.

If the legs are not long, then shortened the trousers have to give up. Perfect classic length to mid-heel or even a bit lower if high heel (just not to step on your own legs when walking). Pants can be narrow or broad, but necessarily long. Welcome vertical strip (preferably fuzzy) or finish (e.g., stripes).

The waist line should be placed in its rightful place or to be slightly inflated. Dropped waist line short legs contraindicated. It is desirable to give preference to shorter sweaters, jackets and tops, nothing to wear “trousers”.


Where do the waist?

идеальные пропорции женской фигурыThe problem with many women as slender, and not very much – is the lack of a pronounced waist. This characteristic appearance does not look very attractive as in the opinion of many men, and from the point of view of many women. However, with insufficient clothing narrow waist can be easily masked.

The easiest way to do this, visually increasing the amount of the hips and chest. Bra with the effect of “push-up” lush and layered skirt visually make the waist thin and fragile. But this method will only fit a very slender girls with narrow hips. The donuts pleated skirt only adds completely unnecessary volume in the hips.

In this case, come to the aid of other illusions. For example, the waist area, you can select the color, using a fashionable in recent seasons fabric with the effect of “degrade”. If the darkest part of a dress, blouse or skirt will be at the level of the waist, the waist will appear narrower.

It is also desirable to prefer clothing that accentuates the waist. Important point: the waist line you need to designate, but in no case do not over-tighten. And then the figure will look in proportion and harmonious.

Dmitry Anokhin

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