идеи вечернего макияжаIn every woman’s life there are moments when it is necessary to make the right make-up evening, corresponding to all the canons of beauty and fashion, without forgetting the individual style. Ideas evening make-up can be drawn from fashion magazines, films, ask for tips from the masters of make-up and endlessly search for images on their own.

Professional make-up evening is not available to everyone, but this does not mean that their hands cannot create stylish impeccable way to the exit. We must listen to the advice of experts, armed with good tools to makeup and cosmetics, include fantasy, and you will make sure that nothing is impossible.


Simple make-up evening – glow for beginners

If you are invited to a social event, you do not need to create an image with the expectation of a bombshell. In most cases, especially for young women, whose faces remain untouched age-related changes, just do a light evening make-up with the right arrangement of accents, underline advantages and disguise the deficiencies.

Emphasize the beauty of their skin, adding additional lights. For this thoroughly clean the skin, apply a basis in the form of a moisturizer or a primer. On the dried up base apply a light tone fluid effect satin Shine. After that высветлите liquid or compact хайлайтером center of the face and the upper part of the cheeks, the chin and the contour of the face hairline apply a broad natural bronzer brush powder the right shade.

After creating such a tone you need only emphasize the eye liner, discreet shadows shades nude and bulk ink. Don’t worry about that in the course of the evening «float» cosmetics on the eyelids and messed path. You a powder with silk and, if necessary, for the shiny wet zone. This makeup with a focus on the glamorous lights will look spectacular few hours.


Quick evening make-up, not wasting a minute

Options for the evening make-up are numerous, but for the realization of most of them require skill and time. Can I create a stylish way to the exit quickly when needed?

Create a simple evening make-up under a black dress without any frills, but with undoubted assertive style, very simple. Clean your skin, apply moisturizer after drying, which is the concealer with adaptive pigments. Powder the face including the eyelids, then you need to put the right shade of shadows, which is the only. Eyelids are covered by shadows, a little going for the eyelid, you can also thin applicator continue their contour of the lower eyelid.

Take the black, charcoal gray or dark-brown pencil and draw a line arrows : the maximum outer corner of the century, carefully drawing the line from the inner side touching mucous membranes. This technique always makes expressive eyes even in the absence of shadows and other tricks. So it’s great for creating beautiful makeup if time is short.

Concluding the evening light make-up, cover eyelash extension ink, eyebrow comb and slightly emphasize shadows or pencil in tone, lips cover glitter natural tone.


Evening Eastern makeup – the Kingdom of colours and gold

You can find a lot of cases, when it is appropriate to do makeup in Oriental style, which can be very diverse. Distinctive features Eastern makeup – an abundance of rich colours, shades of gold and extensive liner, which makes it look glamorous.

Shadow to perform eye makeup in Oriental style can be of any saturated color that suits your цветотипу. If you are going to make an evening make-up to the black dress, you can experiment with different options, because it is a universal outfit. Style smoky eyes in warm shades of green or with the presence of the emerald and silver, perfect evening make-up under the red dress cold or warm shade.

Rarely what the image looks so impressive, as he is capable style, created with lots of shades of blue, which is at the peak of popularity in the make-up for several years. In this case, to a place of total look, so if you are looking for a suitable evening make-up under a blue dress, don’t doubt one second. Take or blue shadows with a metallic sheen, which can be in Oriental style combine in a three-dimensional make-up, or arm with a pencil thick blue tint, which should surround the contour of the eyes.

Evening make-up to a blue dress with saturation eye requires restraint in the lips. It is better not to highlight their glossy finish, and noted moisturizing lipstick natural pink shade or soft pink-to brown, which doesn’t attract attention, but stresses the brightness of the image.

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