Despite the fact that the mother insists that tenderness and modesty decorate the girl and the fashion magazines and the Internet site is recognized only beautiful long nails with bright varnish or trendy aquarium, with cracks and French, in his youth, so want something fresh and unusual. Yes and active lifestyle, sports, travel on kebabs and home care not to encourage the nails are still long and smooth. And where can come the ideas of youth manicure, which will match the age of the hostess, and be in harmony with her wardrobe.
Идеи молодежного маникюра3
Youth manicure should be selected and the appropriate accessories.So women’s handbags sale which occurs throughout the year, must be combined with the design of nails. So the young woman will need several of these handbags, different size, color and style.

Ideas of youth manicure, there are many:

Quick drawings – this manicure can be done even by yourself in 10 minutes if you use fast drying lacquer. It is enough to take three of varnish, apply a light, or Vice versa dark base, allow to dry and thin brush or toothpick to apply contrasting stripes or circles
Идеи молодежного маникюра2
Simple drawings on the nails – it uses the same principle as when performing quick pictures, but the picture is more complex. So, young girls are quite popular two-tone nails (two contrasting colors right and left), simulated bar code, a variety of flowers and sequins

Cool youth manicure is a variety of cartoon characters like Sponge Bob, the Simpsons and teenage mutant Ninja Turtles, hearts, berries and other light in execution, but attention-grabbing ideas
Идеи молодежного маникюра4
However, to draw a complex picture on the nail it is not necessary. Enough to buy stickers for nail art and nail Polish will appear a variety of animals, skulls, symbols and everything that corresponds to the inner world of the young ladies.

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