неформальные платьяDress is one of the most comfortable clothing and also universal. When you know what to wear informal dress, you can wear it in the office, and for dinner, and on a day off, just by changing accessories.


What to wear with casual dresses

If you want to create an image that looks neat and at the same time a little playful, buy several informal dresses from different fabrics and different styles.

  • To work. Make your informal dress business by adding several elegant accessories to create a business and collected manner. Wear heavy beads of pearls, select conservative shoes, grab a bag of good leather and you are ready to go to office. To make your mind more solidity, on top of the dress wear a blazer.
  • In the evening. To transform our informal dress of office in a cocktail or to wear it to dinner with friends, change elegant accessories for those who are more acceptable in the evening. Take a clutch of patent leather or shiny fabrics, putting into it necessary things. Pereobulis in boots, dress shoes or sandals with high heels. Find jewelry made of shiny metal or stones, to give the image radiance.
  • At the weekend. Your informal dress can serve you and at the weekend. Wear it with shoes-ballet flats, beautiful sandals or shoes wedge, going on business. You can also throw top denim jacket or wear a turtleneck dress to give it a modern look. A wide leather belt adds to the image of courage.
  • On vacation. Going on a vacation, to carry some easy informal gowns, as well as some important accessories. Decoration in ethnic style, comfortable shoes for walking, beach sandals, sunglasses and cardigan neutral colors will allow you to wear the same dress in almost any situation. Only consider the characteristics of fabrics: choose a dress that is convenient to take along for the ride and which requires minimum care.


Informal dress with long sleeves and boots

So, you have informal Jersey dress draped on the figure, and you want to know whether you can wear it with cowboy boots, going to the party? The answer is Yes. The difficulty is that, by wearing dress with long sleeves, not to look too “closed”. To do this, choose these boots to some part of the legs remained open. However, if the resulting image you like, ” go easy on the booze.

  • Mini dress. With very short dress look good boots almost any height, perhaps, except for those above the knee. If between the tops of boots and a skirt remains of several centimeters, it will look disproportionately. Create a contrast with closed sleeves and show off his feet, wearing boots.
  • Dress knee. Dress knee length you can wear with boots, the height of which reaches the knee. You can also wear this dress with boots height up to mid-calf. Be careful with the boots, they can visually shorten the legs, especially if you see only the lower half of the feet. To solve the problem, wear boots that match the color of your tights.
  • Long dress. If you wear boots with long dress, let boots are high; ankle boots can create strange, if skirt ends immediately above them. Small heels will help dress not to touch the floor and will not let you get lost in it. Dress-Maxi, especially with long sleeves, will warm you in winter and at the same time will help to look elegant. Now these dresses are as relevant as ever, so if you’ve never worn, it’s time to do it.
  • Tights. Stockings truly complete image. If your dress has a picture or it multicolor, wear tights, color which repeats one of the colors of the dress. If the dress of a single color and matching the boots, wear tights another color, which can be repeated in the accessories. You can wear a dress neutral colors with boots and stockings, which have the same bright shade. Wearing shoes and stockings of the same color, you will visually lengthen your legs and change the old way “bright dress plus black stockings” on the opposite.


Informal dress with soft suede boots flat shoes

Soft, loose boots suitable for creating elegant and comfortable way. They are comfortable, these spacious, stylish and at the same time elegant. Correct boots can instantly transform the whole image without much effort on your part. Soft suede boots look great with informal dress. This combination will surely attract your attention.

  • The hem of the dress. It is important that the edge of the skirt or dress was higher than the tops of soft boots. Otherwise, you get squat silhouette, and the lower part of the figure will look heavy. The hem of the dress in this case must be terminated above the knee, so wear a mini dress and enjoy. With soft boots well will be combined dress with tight skirt. Only avoid asymmetrical hems or other excesses. Suede boots themselves are rich in texture, so don’t overdo it.
  • The height of boots. Wearing informal dress with soft suede boots, you need to consider the height of boots. If you are tall, you can put a very high boots. However, less tall young women should avoid very high boots. The reason is that high boots are doing feet shorter and shorten the open part of the leg between the edge of the tops of boots and a skirt. Avoid such errors.
  • Tights. With free soft boots look good any tights: fishnet, opaque, transparent. Only do not wear socks or leggings.
  • Styles of boots. Wear simpler boots with more interesting fancy dress or boots with the simplest dress. Soft wide boots come in many colors and styles, so you may not need one pair of boots to create different images. Try to wear boots bright colorswith sequins or rhinestones to revive a very simple dress. Remember that velvet and smart materials can instantly give your informal dress is fantastic views. On the other hand, you can create a comfortable way, wearing a casual dress of soft suede or free leather boots. In any case, you will look stylish and elegant.

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