неформальный стиль в одеждеInformal style in clothes – perhaps one of the best gifts that fashion has made us in the last century. Designers could work, coming up with fancy clothes, but not many of us are willing to trade distressed jeans or a cozy sweater on fur and tight suits with ties. Use the tips that will help you to choose comfortable clothes in which you will look your best.


Completely informal style

Most importantly, what avoided, dress in a casual style, is to look sloppy. Those lucky ones who can wear comfortable clothes every day, face the challenge: how to create the basis of his wardrobe of the basic things and closet enough variety that it is not boring. As for those who wear casual clothes on the weekends, it is difficult to achieve free and at the same time, the whole image.

Here are a few tips that will help you to create an informal way:

  • Buy clothes in casual style as you would have bought clothing business style: think about how you will build your wardrobe. For example, select spanning wardrobe items that are built on the base styles and three colors, better harmonizing with each other: (khakis, jeans, red, black, khaki, white and so on).
  • Find a very good shoes in a casual style, because nothing spoils a chic sports as a pair of white sneakers. Sneakers made of bright suede boots, sandals and things look great with almost all of his clothes in casual style.
  • Wear accessories and bags in an informal style, do not attempt to wear gold watch set with diamonds and a hoodie, if you’re not a rapper. Choose watches and handbags sports style, so as not to mix different styles.
  • Keep your clothes informal style in perfect condition – it should be ironed, clean, tidy.
  • Avoid such cliches as baggy sweater with leggings. So you can only go home, otherwise you will look, as if stuck in the eighties. It is better to choose a good suit of bright colors (pink, blue, red) from the rich material, or Terry velour.
  • Don’t focus on style. If you work in the garden or do cleaning in the apartment, wear what you are comfortable. The way you have special clothing for these purposes.


Corporate informal style

In our days, when the suits and other formal wear is a rarity in the workplace, the so-called corporate or business informal clothing style is most acceptable. Although corporate informal style is common for several years, this style still raises certain questions.

Here are some tips:

  • Corporate informal style does not mean that you can wear to work anything. If some offices are allowed to wear jeans, many employers consider them too informal for work. T-shirts with logos, caps-caps and sports shoes are absolutely unacceptable.
  • For maximum business as men should choose jackets sports style, which completes the image.
  • Clothes in casual style you want to wear appropriate footwear and accessories. Pants khaki you can not wear shoes-boats. Wear a neat flat-soled shoes, braided belts and so on.
  • For women informal corporate style doesn’t mean that you can wear to work, sexual clothing. Some clothes are just not intended for use in the workplace: a thin straps, shirts, transparent fabrics, deep cuts, or narrow mini skirt.


Informal style in clothes for men

When it comes to the informal style of men’s clothing, men prefer to dress simple enough. They wear jeans and t-shirt, it has become common men’s dress standards. Although some men love to dress just as stylish as women, they don’t really like to experiment, so their clothes are not particularly diverse. Men’s fashion is not changing as fast as the female in which all the time there is something new, because men’s clothing is simple.

T-shirt with a collar, with round or V-neck perfectly with jeans and shorts, so men choose t-shirts for everyday wear. As for shoes, a perfect choice for an informal style will be running shoes, especially for those who lead a very sedentary life. However, all individually: don’t be afraid to try something new that is suitable for your lifestyle.


Informal style in clothes for women

When you need to create an integral image, consider the proportions. You will need t-shirts and shirts. You must be both free and tight t-shirts black, white, blue and gray is the basic colors that go all. Free sitting shirt buttoned can be worn in different ways, so buy this. Knitted sweaters are perfectly combined with skirts and trousers. You will need several of these women, some of them with a picture.

The most universal pants adjacent cut lengths up to the ankles. Buy at least one pair of pants black stretchy cotton or denim. You also need classic blue jeans straight cut. In summer the ideal wide linen trousers. Skirts will help you to emphasize her femininity. Choose a loose skirt knee length or a little higher. Little skirt floral and skirt-Maxi will complete your collection. You can wear shorts denim or of silky fabrics with high waistband.

Informal clothing style is hard to imagine without dresses. Buy at least one dress-Maksi to wear in the evening. Daytime dress should not be too short or tight. Choose light colors and a minimum of decoration. If you have small Breasts, you will approach the silhouette of the Empire. The owners of lush forms will be free chiffon dress with thin strap to accentuate the waist.

You will need a black cardigan, one large knitted sweater and one simple, with round neckline, black, blue, or gray. Wear them with skirts and pantyhose. Buy two jacket: tight jeans and free blazer. They can be worn to the office and anywhere.

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