неформальная одеждаYou can consciously choose the subject of his wardrobe, which perform different tasks: help you in your work or serve for a relaxing or active holidays. Informal clothes with one hand has no clear boundaries, but on the other, are also exposed to some style rules.


Sports style

You have decided to meet with friends, to have a Cup of cappuccino after gym, skating or fitness. Clothing appropriate for the occasion, will clearly demonstrate that recently you have been physically active. This type of informal service is called sport. Jogging suits, sweatshirts, jackets, running shorts, t-shirts, jackets, shorts, Cycling shorts, leggings, leotard (gymnastic leotards) and so on – all this is the clothing of the sport style. Except for some of Golf clothing, sport clothing should not be worn to work.


Tourist style

Cool Saturday morning you have decided to get out on a picnic with friends to dine outdoors. You decided to wear thick socks, boots-hikers, flannel shirt and jeans or tight khaki pants, a camouflage shirt and jacket-jackets. You dressed in tourist style. Travel clothing style includes items typical for active outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, Hiking, climbing and so on. If your work is not connected with these activities, this style of clothing is unacceptable in the workplace.


Free informal style

You have a day off. You are visiting on business, go for a massage, just walking. You cotton trousers, shorts or jeans, tight t-shirt or sweatshirt, ordinary shirt or Polo shirt. This category informal service reminds sports, but is probably most useful not those who came to play sports, and for the fans. You are dressed in a loose, informal style. It may include any clothes except suits, dresses and other formal wear.


Elegant casual

You are going to dine with friends in the restaurant. If you are a man, you’re wearing suit pants (or even beautiful jeans, long sleeve shirt, maybe a tie, leather shoes, Lotery, socks with patterns or without a belt, and, possibly, a sport coat. You are dressed in a smart casual style.

If you are a woman, you will wear loose pants, nice jeans or a skirt (long or short), a blouse or turtleneck, fashion belt, jacket, vest or a sweater in harmony with the rest of dress, tights or socks, boots, leather, suede or textile flat shoes or on average heel. You will also wear jewelry: for example, earrings, which are suitable to your ensemble. You also dressed in a smart casual style.

If you wear jeans, the jacket will make your way elegant. This category informal service requires the General harmony of the image, including color, texture, fabric, shoes and accessories for men and women.


Smart casual style

You go to the gallery at the opening of the exhibition, and then for dinner with friends. The invitation shall contain: dress code – informal. Based on the characteristics of the event, it means “smart casual”, that is, practically the same as “smart casual”, only without jeans. Shoes both for men and for women, in this case should be more elegant.

For women this category informal service implies Trouser suit, dress, or items from a fairly elegant fabrics. Smart casual style requires that the image was harmonious and included accessories. For men this category means dressy pants, or turtleneck shirt, tie (optional) and a blazer or sports jacket. Wedding in the informal style also imply this type of service.


Business informal style

Business informal style is the only category of informal service business style. Business informal style recently became addition to traditional business style clothes, he no longer considered a fashion trend. Experts say that this style of clothing is to be constantly present in the business world. It can be defined as a convenient, free version of the classic business suit, without prejudice to the professionalism or personal authority.

Business informal style borrows much of elegant casual and dressy casual style of clothing, with some distinctive features. A real business informal style combines the most restrictive elements of these two categories.

Sports and tourist styles have nothing to do with business, unless you are a professional tennis player, or a personal trainer, or do not work in the open air, as a professional fishermen. Casual style lacks elegance necessary for a professional look. Free informal style is intended for other purposes and is not suitable for business meetings, lacking features, awe-inspiring and demonstrate professional power.

Your image is a powerful business tool. Whatever your task, the right tools help to solve it faster and more accurately. Whatever you worked your business image is one of your main assistants.

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