вросшие волосыWell-groomed smooth skin – the subject of dreams for many people. But many prevents the problem of ingrown hair. Removal of unwanted hairs from the body by using the waxing can cause irritation often caused ingrown hairs. Painful purulent pimples look bad, bring to a person’s physical and emotional suffering.


A serious problem

Cream depilatory or razor designed to remove hair from the body. However, when the hair is removed only part of the hair. The removal process is always damages the top layer of the skin. Cracks and sores begin to heal, making areas more dense dermis, which prevents the growth of hair out. Occurs compacted bundle, which becomes inflamed, rots in the follicle. The skin appears red pimple with purulent middle, causing pain. Also the consequence of hair can be hair growing along the skin or towards the root. It will continue its growth in follicular sack, twisting, which will cause the effect of a foreign body and therefore inflammation.

Sugar, wax, laser and photoepilation are designed to remove hair from the root. But these ways of getting smooth skin can also be a cause of ingrown hair. Many women suffer after sugar wax hair removal from severe skin irritation. Often this is due to the individual anatomy of the dermis, in particular, the thickness of the skin or hair, the depth of the hair follicles.

When removing hair growing follicles, it happens due to excessive cell division of the epidermis, and may also change the direction of hair growth, which leads to disease.

With each subsequent procedure, the syndrome is increasing, covering large areas of skin.

Men ingrown hairs usually occur on the face, neck, women suffer bikini area, legs, underarms. Typically, the process of ingrown hair gradually, and it is better to tackle this problem before it becomes serious. The first harbingers of ingrown hairs:

  • Folliculitis is the inflammation in the follicles that occur for several reasons, including and after epilation. Appear on the skin painful ulcers. Accompanied by itching, burning.
  • Red-bluish spots and peel in the process of healing foci of inflammation. Possible and firm to the touch nodules that cannot be removed with a scrub.
  • Pigmentation after red-bluish spots – there are dark brownish areas that do not disappear.


Ways problem solution

If hair grows parallel to the skin to remove it, it should be disinfected needle, to tease the hair at the end, output. Pull the hair is not worth it. After a couple of days need tweezers to pull him over the edge, to ensure that hair does not grow inside (not reaching for the tweezers). The purpose of these manipulations is to “teach” the hair to grow in the right direction.

If the hair is spun, bent and has grown into the skin, but the process is not accompanied by inflammation, should the needle to pick up the section of hair on the outside, not completely pull out. Watching for a few days, checking the direction grows.

Hair spun, bent and has grown into the skin, and the process is accompanied by redness and abscess? In this case, you should be disinfected needle to open the inflammation, to get the hair, but not to pull it out. Next you need to treat this place with antiseptic, make a compress (not alcohol) of herbs of calendula or chamomile. Watching for a few days, if suppuration be repeated to conduct the autopsy again.

If hair has grown, and while trying to retrieve, dense stands out the secret sweat or sebaceous glands, then you gently squeeze out the secret, completely erase him from the wound, releasing the hair with a clean needle.

Should abandon moisturizing skin oils, creams with the content of D-panthenol, allantoin, vitamin E. Best suited for moisturizing baby cream.

Severe irritation in the presence of ulcers can be reduced by means of acne. You should open ulcers, to get out ingrown hairs, process focus alcoholic solution. The affected areas should be applied salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to six times a day. Constantly it is necessary to send the hair, preventing it from re-grow.

To extract deeply ingrown hairs apply warm compresses water-based. If a single wrap will not help, it should be repeated. The hair should come closer to the skin surface, then it will be easier to get.


Prevention of ingrown hairs

Excellent prevention of ingrown hair is a constant cleansing of the skin with scrubs or special gloves of hard tissue. Removing dead skin cells, sebum and dirt, you can reduce the risk of ingrown hairs. But you cannot clean the skin by mechanical means in the presence of ulcers.

You should not wear tight-fitting clothes. You need to constantly monitor the condition of sites, which often appear ingrown hair, especially should carefully observe them after depilation.

To avoid ingrown hairs, before depilation should:

  • Take a bath or a warm shower to steam the skin, soften the hair.
  • The body should be well washed, so as not to contaminate it during the procedure.
  • Peel the skin from dead cells using the scrub.

You must use the razor only with a sharp blade, often polaskova machine. To shave off the hair you want in the direction of growth. After waxing skin need to apply moisturizer. And through the day is desirable to treat the area of hair removal stiff brush or scrub.

Ingrown hair is an unpleasant symptom. If they cause severe pain, you must consult a doctor. Also medical help should be used if after release ingrown hairs inflammation does not go over one to two days or increased after eight to ten hours.

Maria Bykova

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