инъекции гелейDemonstration of such seemingly natural signs of aging as gray hair and wrinkles, today was bad manners. And if gray hair, you can easily paint over, to get rid of wrinkles is much more complicated. Plastic surgery and Botox are a lot of contraindications. The most gentle way to get smooth skin are injections, gels, but they are not always safe and effective.


The cult of youth

At all times women would like to seem younger, in order to be more attractive. But only in the XX century the fight against aging has indeed become a reality. The beauty industry is booming, and today there are many ways to hide your true age.

Now look at their years of indecent. And in the forty and fifty and even seventy years women want to look like young girls with smooth skin. How such desires are realistic? Yes, there are many ways to visually rejuvenate the skin, hiding the main symptom of age – wrinkles. This and correct Facials, and special rejuvenating treatments at the offices of the beauticians and finally, plastic surgery.

Of all methods, the most popular are the injection procedure. To go under the surgeon’s knife are solved not all, especially because of failed plastic is quite a common phenomenon. And creams, even the most expensive and prestigious, alas, can not penetrate deeper than the top layer of the skin and smooth out wrinkles.

Beauty injections deliver to deliver anti-aging skin directly into the deeper layers of the dermis. The result is impressive: wrinkles are smoothed, the face becomes smooth and soft.

The effect depends primarily on what the drug is used for injection. The most popular injection preparations in gel base.


Magic acid

The most effective means to date for rejuvenation of the skin is hyaluronic acid. Molecules such acids have unique properties: they literally attract water molecules. Skin aging is due to the lack of humidification. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, the skin is once again full of moisture, becomes smooth, elastic and soft.

Formulated with hyaluronic acid gel fillers (English fill – fill”) is entered directly into the skin, and the acid begins to “work”.

The effect of the injection is shown immediately, and then every day the person starts to look better and better, younger and fresher. Over time, the gel is completely absorbed, leaving no traces in such cases, it is recommended to repeat the injection.

Gels have no adverse effects on metabolism, do not interfere with the processes of nutrition and respiration of the skin. Gel injection fill wrinkles from the inside out, restoring skin smoothness, with their help it is possible to adjust the shape of the cheeks and cheekbones, giving them touching childish roundness. These properties of the gel are used to give extra volume to the lips is a simple procedure to get plump sexy mouth, even those who by nature narrow lips.



As with any medical procedure, the use of fillers based on hyaluronic acid has contraindications. These include:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Lactation;
  • Hemophilia and other diseases, which are accompanied by clotting disorders;
  • Medications that reduce blood coagulability (anticoagulants);
  • Inflammation of the skin of any etiology in the injection site;
  • Autoimmune diseases;
  • Any acute disease or chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • Exacerbation of herpes.

If the zones of injection is constant fillers in silicone or biopolymer-based, need to consult a cosmetologist: most likely, from injections of beauty in these areas will be abandoned.


Possible complications

Contour the face with gel injection today at the peak of popularity. This procedure is safe, effective and affordable. But beauty shots sometimes can harm the health.

Hyaluronic acid, on the basis of which make gels for injection, is synthesized biotechnological method using bacteria. The waste products of these bacteria can cause an allergic reaction is possible if hyaluronic acid is not well cleaned. For this reason, it is better to use for modeling the face and fill wrinkle gels from trusted manufacturers. Reputable firms closely monitor the degree of purification of hyaluronic acid and use only safe ingredients as additives to it.

Protected by holograms packages with certified drugs must be opened before the eyes of the patient.

If cosmetologist refuses to show gel, which is planned to be used for injection is a reason to look for another specialist.

Of no less importance than the quality of the drug, and has the skill cosmetologist. It is a mistake to assume that with injections handle any – the art of doing beauty shots need to learn. Incorrect dosage gel, incorrect depth of injection or an unfortunate choice of the drug without taking into account the individual characteristics of the skin can have unpredictable consequences. For example, the injection site can cause inflammation and tissue sealing. The physician should carefully examine the patient, to pay attention to the condition of the skin and to collect data about previous chronic diseases.

Those who are sensitive to pain, it is better to choose gels, composed of anesthetic components. Generally, as the anesthetic is lidocaine. In some cases, beauticians, local anesthesia is used – gels or creams that are applied on the skin and reduces its sensitivity to injection.

Maria Bykova

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