Recently manicure has become an important part of the ideal image of the fair sex. In fashion manicure, as with shoes, accessories, clothing and many other things, also changes, something goes and something to the contrary comes.

Every fashionista is not only looking for news in the world of nail Polish, but also draws attention to the fashion trends in the fashion world. Jeans Dsquared2 will be able to create a beautiful image that will be both comfortable and fashionable.
Новинки в маникюре 2014 года2
In 2014, the manicure was also changed. Stylists and designers presented to the court ladies huge variety of shades, which undoubtedly will be relevant throughout the season. With regard to a variety of techniques to decorate your nail and various modern technologies, so this is just a miracle – the number of options presented so great that every week you can do something new.

In manicure 2014 fashion is considered to be the pastel colors. The most popular are the mother-of-pearl, white, flesh, light coffee and transparent color. The perfect solution are pastel colors for each day, because they are not flashy and look chic. In order to somehow change a simple manicure and give the image a kind of romance you can draw on the nails lace or other romantic figure.

The most fashionable in the season of 2014 were all trends manicure, which were the height of fashion some time ago. The actual lucky this year are lucky color metallic, namely silver, bronze, gold and others.
Новинки в маникюре 2014 года
To manicure look more beautiful, you need to add just in moderation. If the finish is bright and shiny, it is best to minimize the number of rings on his fingers. If the varnish is applied on the nails, not flashy, it is best to add jewelry, hands will look beautiful.

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