моментальный загарA beautiful and even tan at any time of the year – the dream of many, and a variety of tools for instant tan are designed to bring this dream to life. However, on the way to the dream many are faced with some difficulties: how to choose a bronzer, how to apply instant tan, which brand to choose and so on. Proper bronzer tool can not only change the skin tone, but also to fill dull and pale skin freshness and radiance.

Choosing the ideal tool for instant tan is due to two key factors: skin type and natural skin tone.


The choice of bronzer according to skin type

In principle, normal, oily and combination skin fit bronzers in the form of a compact powder. However, with the huge selection of modern tools for an instant tan, the choice is not limited to compact powder options. For normal skin and dry skin are more suitable cream bronzers or tools like cream powder, and for oily skin prone to acne it is better to give preference to those with a gel or liquid texture. Actually no perfect formula bronzer does not exist, find your perfect variant is possible only by way of experimentation, trial, and often, errors.

The most popular and easy-to-use tools for instant tan is a compact bronzing powder. These bronzers are suitable even for dry skin. The secret of a uniform coverage is proper preparation of the skin before applying bronzing powder. If you have dry skin, under the bronzer is recommended to apply a layer of moisturizer (with sufficient sun protection factor) and choose a bronzing powder with a light silky texture.


The choice of bronzer according to skin type

моментальный загарSelection of the desired shade is the most important step in choosing the perfect bronzer funds. The Golden rule in this case is: you should choose a shade one or two shades darker than the natural skin tone. Knowing your skin tone and shade (cool or warm), you will be able to find a bronzer that will not only give your skin a beautiful shade of tan, but it will look most natural.

The owners are warm and yellowish skin tone lucky as to this tone fits most Golden-brown. With a more pronounced yellow tone perfect warm peach shades.

In the texture of most bronzing means there is Shine, which, unfortunately, is not always looks natural, especially on oily skin. Our goal is natural tan with a slight shimmering effect, and this task is better funds with a moderate amount of reflective particles.


Before or after?

The makeup artists often ask the question: how to apply bronzer under Foundation or on top of it? Bronzing powder is applied after the base under makeup, concealer and face powder (loose or compact). Cream bronzer or bronzing powder cream is applied before fixing the makeup of ordinary powder, bronzer funds with gel or liquid structure are applied directly after a base layer under makeup, anticipating the final layer of powder. The desire to tan, you can add a light blush, the main thing is that the texture of the blush coincided with the texture of the bronzer: blush compact approach bronzing pressed powder and much worse are combined, say, with liquid or gel bronzer.


How to apply bronzer

моментальный загарImportant when applying bronzer – neatness and sense of proportion. Instant tan is quite a tricky thing, often a tan looks hard and unnatural, so it’s best to start with applying a small amount of bronzer, even if you think that the special effects of the “dose” will not. Believe me, when properly smudge a small amount of bronzer glides smooth and natural coat, and often does not require “supplements”. In the case of bronzers very topical one of the basic rules of cooking: “neosol on the table, oversalting on the head,” and any woman knows that the first fix is much easier than the second.

  • Apply bronzer tool should be on those areas of the face where the directly reflected light, on the forehead at the hairline, down the nose, on the tip of the chin and the apples of the cheeks.
  • For more expressive contour makeup artists recommend to apply bronzer on the rule of “three”. Applying bronzer, brush number three, starting with the forehead at the hairline, moving to the depressions of the upper cheekbones and down movement along the line of the lower jaw.
  • For applying bronzer should be a specific tool (sponge, brush or sponge). Accumulation on the surface of the brush balances with different textures and shades greatly affect the quality of the application in this case of bronzer.
  • To apply powder bronzers are suitable brush of medium size, with fluffy, but sufficiently elastic bristles. Taking the brush a certain amount of bronzer, before applying the remember to brush to brush away the excess. Good with applying bronzer funds copes also brush with an angled bristles, this brush will appreciate women with small facial features.
  • For applying the cream of bronzers and means in the format of a cream powder, it is recommended to use flat or cone-shaped sponge own fingers in this case is also a good idea to cope with the task, and when applying liquid or geleophysic of bronzers and does act as the best and most indispensable tool.

To evaluate the result need only in daylight. If the tone of the tan looks darker than expected, then the bronzer put too dense and thick layer. To correct the situation, you can use the brush with dense dense bristles. Gently blend the excess bronzer circular movements, sharp boundary tones can be eliminated slightly damp sponge.

Today, a beautiful and even tan you can get without leaving the house, the main thing is to find your bronzer product and to learn how to apply it.

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