утепленные джинсыInsulated jeans are an essential item of winter clothing for men and women, children and adolescents. When manufacturers have not yet released the jeans with warming, in winter there was a need to put down tights, leggings or pants. Now the problem is solved for all, and for the period of the cold season, you can not change your image and not to change their usual style, continuing to wear jeans in your favorite shape.


Features insulated jeans

утепленные джинсыSome time ago winterized version of the usual clothing items differed significantly from the original image. Women were forced to warm to wear puffed pants made of waterproof fabric or classical business model, but from a very dense hard tissue. Under jeans had worn down warm tights that could be made, warm jeans had primitive lining, which is not always consistent with the views stylish proper image. Had to go on a difficult compromise, but for people who underestimated the severity of the frost and cold winds, the choice was obvious. And many continued to wear regular slim jeans when the climate demanded a revision of the wardrobe.

Modern insulated jeans have the usual front side and on the reverse side of the denim covers a layer of fleece or flannel. Flannel is a natural material, cotton fabric, which can be added wool. Fleece – material synthetic origin, used as insulation facing material with a large number of fashionable brands that manufacture sportswear, special garments with patented layers against the purge.

It is the fleece is often used in insulated jeans from foreign brands, because, together with a dense and supple, stretchy denim, he creates a model of comfort, not constraining movements. Flannel is sometimes used in children’s insulated jeans.

In a democratic brands generally produced jeans, in which the warp is cotton, polyester and elastane, while designer brands pay more attention to warming properties jeans from all sides. In their range you will find jeans made of mixed fabrics, which include cotton, twill, wool, and the inside is decorated with a layer of wool, including cashmere. These jeans are not only keeping you warm inside, the front layer is smooth and windproof, and it allows you not to limit yourself to the variety of styles and wear in the winter even short jackets and short coats.


Styles insulated jeans

утепленные джинсыAll insulated jeans appear in the same fashion interpretations, as usual, but there are some amendments. For example, you will not find trendy ripped jeans in insulated version – this model is simply not necessary. If you are in everyday life used to wear the original catchy jeans models that attract the eye, you will have no problems to find the warm denim trousers, you don’t have to drive themselves into the framework of a more strict impersonal style.


Insulated jeans for children

утепленные джинсыClothing children should be close attention, and along with a comfortable tiny jeans are produced and insulated, which can wear kids since infancy. Jeans for kids are elastic in the waistband or warm wide elastic band on the waist and elastic in the pants that prevent it from blowing off. Baby warm jeans decorated with appliqués, have suspenders, adjusting the strap on the belt.


Insulated jeans for pregnant women

утепленные джинсыJeans for pregnant women often remain almost the basic garment due to the wide possibilities of combinations and comfort of wearing in everyday life. Insulated jeans for pregnant women in addition to lining has an elastic band that allows you to wear the same model throughout the pregnancy.


Fashionable insulated jeans

утепленные джинсыInsulated jeans can have all the features of regular, except, perhaps, the availability of fashionable holes “ventilation” cold feet completely useless. Otherwise no restrictions on the model and decorative elements in the form of embroidery, appliques, jewelry, rhinestones, width and shape of the pants there. You can easily find fitting insulated skinny jeans, flared models, super stylish jeans-boyfriend. Combining fashion features in the latest trends of the season and insulated the inside allow you to wear jeans with any winter shoes, without sacrificing individuality.


Brands producing insulated jeans

Quality insulated jeans you will find in the collections of the brand Rag&Bone, Citizens of Humanity, Paige Denim, J Brand, Joe’s Jeans, Levi’s, James Jeans, 7 For All Mankind, Siwy Denim, Belstaff, Maison Martin Margiela, Wings&Horns, Naked & Famous Denim, Pete’s Thermal Jeans, Uniqlo and other.

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