Every girl wants to stand out and draw attention to themselves. Interesting nail design is a good way. In professional shops for beauty salons there are many inexpensive devices that you can diversify your manicure.
Интересные и простые идеи дизайна ногтей3
Very common among girls design nail art using photo-design. This small color pictures in different themes. You can choose photo-design depicting flowers or hearts, cars or motorcycles Suzuki, animals or birds. Photo-design is easy to use, on each package has detailed instructions.

Lac-craquelure also in demand. For such skins use the lucky two colors, one is applied as the basis, the second is coated on the dried bottom layer. In the complete drying of the lacquer crazing cracks, forming interesting stains and patterns. For the best results, this design may be coated with a clear varnish.

Water decals – very original design. Basically there are stickers with a floral theme, rarely depicting bows and patterns. Water stickers on the nails look very nice and reminiscent of Chinese painting brush (real Chinese painting nails in the salon is very expensive). Water they are called because for applying labels to the nail, you have to leave them for a few minutes in the water. Then pull out of the water with tweezers, to dry and put on nail varnish.
Интересные и простые идеи дизайна ногтей2
Rhinestones are very original and looks great on the nails. It is better to combine rhinestones small and large size. Designs varied, we only need to show imagination. However, it is better to use silver rhinestones, or the color of the chameleon, they will fit any lacquer and look a lot more spectacular than color. Rhinestones will be better to stay on the nails, if they are glued on a special glue. To rely on the adhesive lacquer is not worth it, rhinestones secured thereby immediately disappear. Now on sale there are rhinestones with an adhesive layer to secure such rhinestones on nails is quite simple.

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