интимная эпиляцияRemoving pubic hair, or intimate hair removal is a phenomenon that is periodically a part of fashion and exiting from the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Today, many women resort to hair removal intimate areas for reasons of hygiene, but in fact the cause is not the only one.


Why do women do this

Many women do hair removal intimate zones in the first place because in modern society, this is acceptable, if not to say, of a trend phenomenon, besides, many men prefer women with a minimum amount of hair «down there» or complete absence. In any case, to do or not to do hair removal, the choice of most women. Some are limited epilation on the bikini area, some completely remove the hair, and there are those who do it because of cultural or religious traditions.


Methods intimate hair removal

Shaving is available method of hair removal in intimate zones, but the main disadvantage of this method is that hair grows again after few days. Wax epilation – more accurate and effective way to remove hair in the bikini area, it lasts from two to four weeks. Special creams-depilatory dissolve the hair shaft, partially spreads and subcutaneous area. After applying the cream hair grows faster than after waxing, but much slower than after shaving. Laser hair removal and the use of electrolysis for hair removal of the bikini area practically allow to get rid of hair in a delicate area forever or at least for a very long time.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?



Advantages of this method is its cheapness, availability and ease disadvantages – short-term effect. Many women (however, and men) are also not satisfied with this way of getting rid of unwanted hair «bristles»which begins to come just days after shaving. Shaving does not allow to achieve the effect really smooth and clean skin.



Creams are applied in a thick layer on the processed area and within five to ten minutes to leave the special spatula.

Advantages: creams are inexpensive, easy to use at home. Besides, the cream can be applied even in the areas where it is inconvenient to shave due to the risk of injury.

Disadvantages: most creams-depilatories have a strong odor. Often, when applied to the skin feels warm. Components such creams often cause allergic reactions, so before use, be sure to perform a test on the skin of the wrist. Avoid chemical burn when applying the cream should avoid sensitive areas on the internal side of the labia. And one more important detail: the creams are ineffective removal rhyme thick and dense hair.


Wax epilation

As a rule, this procedure is carried out in the cabin. Hot wax is applied on the bikini line, and other machined parts, then on the wax is applied to the strip of cloth, which then sharp movement comes off against the direction of hair growth.

Advantages: wax depilation is quite effective method, after which the skin becomes smooth and clean, as if hair never there. The main thing is to find a good salon and a real professional, who will do the right thing.

Disadvantages: wax removes hair with hair bulb, so the pain in this case do not avoid. Wax epilation compared with creams and shaving more expensive, to save the achieved results the procedure waxing need to go at least once a month. In some cases, skin irritation and small pimples, which, however, soon disappear.


Brazilian waxing

This way, it is something more than just a bikini hair removal. When Brazilian hair removal hair removed all over the pubic region, including the inner area and the hair between the buttocks.

Advantages: Brazilian style is epilation of the highest class. After this procedure, any woman feels like a goddess with a smooth and beautiful skin.

Disadvantages: Brazilian hair removal is a rather expensive procedure and very painful. Do not forget that the process hair removal in the very sensitive areas requires a certain degree of emancipation. But this problem is solved quite simple: you just need to find «their» masters, and a visit in the beauty will not bring you any discomfort in the future.


Electrolytic and laser hair removal

These procedures are always performed in the clinic, every hair is removed separately, using a thin needle, which is found in the hair follicle. Current entirely destroys the follicle and prevents further hair growth. Laser hair removal hair removed pulsed laser or laser radiation, if this is not treated, each hair individually and in small areas.

Advantages: the purpose of electrolytic and laser hair removal – full cessation of hair growth. If you always want to get rid of unwanted hair in intimate zones – and this is what you need.

Disadvantages: first of all, it is the high price and a very unpleasant sensation of pain. To get rid of unwanted vegetation in a delicate area forever for one session will not, therefore, have to go through electrolytic «execution» at least several times.

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