куртки 2014 MRMRS FURSJacket is part of outerwearthat will be needed at any time of the year, regardless of the fashion trends of the season. Unlike coat, which presupposes a certain length, jacket is much more practical, but it does not deny the combination of functionality and femininity, may be severe and sport style at the same time. Jackets 2014, as before, then declined in the direction of women, we become similar to short coats, cleverly adapts to any fashionable requirements and whims.


Leather jackets

куртки 2014 Acne


куртки 2014 Barbara Bui

Barbara Bui

Jacket leather jackets from a natural leather or quality imitation leather for ecologycally still in fashion. In 2014, this model continues to expand its sphere of influence, making business more relaxed fashion, and hard rock style with all the forces softening. Designers can do things without much effort, because for the transformation of such items as skin jacket you want to change just one aspect.

куртки 2014 TopShop


куртки 2014 Mango


Popular jacket with padded sleeves, as in Barbara Bui, jacket in the style Aviator with wide lapels, like Acne, close-fitting model, which is always in abundance in the collections of TopShop.


Denim jacket

Denim not losing positions, but on the contrary, continues to win the hearts of those who can not imagine the spring and summer without this handy “cowboy” service. Every season the list of styles of denim jacket is becoming more extensive, which is largely due to the increase of the functional properties of this material. Denim can be not only different colors, and different degrees of density, softness, which allows designers to create an infinite number of variations denim jacket, making it the stylish fitted jacket, jacket for duffel, military blazer, feminine jacket with ruffles and flounces.

куртки 2014 Balmain


куртки 2014 JBrand


The River Island denim jacket presented as a sports model with a hood, Balmain remains faithful to the military style with sharp shoulders, TopShop with its own individual skill insulates denim jacket with fur lining, as J.Brand offering a combined model with blue shelves and back and contrasting dark sleeves.


Fur jackets

Fur even in summer you can hardly be surprised know couturier, who in their spring-summer collections continue increasingly enable fur jackets. Autumn winter is traditionally rich with lush short coats made of natural and artificial fur, pastel colored or rich colours but always noble, and not cheap-neon.

куртки 2014 Mango


куртки 2014 Versace


The most popular style demi fur jackets, short, straight, with small rounded neckline. Such models can be found in different designs in Emilio Pucci, Mango, Versace, Alexander McQueen. Many designers refuse completely fur coats with fur gently, for example, only on the shelves or on the contrary, creating traditional, but rich trim on the collar and cuffs. Such models will be in the Just Cavalli collections or Boohoo Aimee.


Fur jacket with patterns

куртки 2014 HM


куртки 2014 Lipsy


Next to plain coats of fur in 2014 reveals an impressive number of models with patterns. It can be cross or diagonal stripe, mainly black and white, but there are colored version, imitation ethnic prints and, of course, leopard pattern. Looking patterned fur jackets at Meadham Kirchhoff Perri, H&M, Lipsy, Versace.


Suede jacket

куртки 2014 Amanda Wakeley

Amanda Wakeley

куртки 2014 Vero Moda

Vero Moda

Suede looks much nobler radiant skin, which accepted rigid and aggressive image. In 2014 designer collections will have many suede jackets of different styles as biker jackets with lots of zippers and metal rivets and smooth concise models. Important feature suede jackets – in combination with delicate pastel shades and deep colours: beige, herbal green, bright purple, turquoise, carrot. The most beautiful of the jackets are presented in lines Amanda Wakeley, Ralph Lauren, Mango, Vero Moda. Light brown suede model often appear in a recognizable cowboy style – with long fringe, which are decorated with pockets, shelves and back of the jacket.


Fashionable parks

куртки 2014 SGG

SGG test

куртки 2014 Edun


The Park, which until recently seemed not enough feminine item of clothing, gradually comes to the fore, pushing their predecessors. Parks or “boots” in protective colors (khaki, olive, and all shades of brown) in 2014 incredibly popular designers, who constantly demonstrate in lukbuki their collections vast opportunities of this coat. With warming without increasing the volume of jackets, parks became favourite subjects autumn and winter wardrobe. With them are relaxed combination with sports shoes and cropped trousers in a cage, long flowing pleated skirts and short dresses. Parks zipper and buttons, the length of the knee and lower regulatory drawstring at the waist and trimmed with fur on the hood will be found in the collections of MR & MRS FURS, Edun, SGG test, River Island, D&G and many other brands.

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