куртки из вязаной норкиJackets of knitted mink have become incredibly popular not so long ago. Unlike a luxurious mink fur coats, jackets from such fur many seemed not quite clear on its purpose outerwear. Conventional jackets of leather are alternative woolen coats and fur coats in rainy weather or serve as a more comfortable option outerwear for young people. Jackets of knitted mink combine the features of convenience and luxury, which is reflected in the design and length of this part of the wardrobe, and in the nature of fur that regardless of fashion trends, there will always be held in high esteem.

Fur jacket – not a fashion oxymoron, as is well established, the subject of clothing. Fur jackets can be almost no different from those things, which called coats, but more often it is the jackets called fur, visually blends into sports or everyday youth casual. The appearance models are not made from solid pieces of knitted fur fabrics, in the last few years has made a small revolution in the world of fashion cold seasons. Jackets of knitted mink has become both the epitome of chic in the way, and availability, as if with the usual fluffy mink knocked her arrogance, the plaque is unavailable and the bourgeois.


Jacket with hood – a classic for winter

For those who prefer simple and uncomplicated designs clothing that are suitable for different styles, there are the usual jacket medium length with a hood. Usually knit with fur, these jackets homogeneous, which gives details of the universal type and allows you to wear under business clothes, and be combined with more feminine details. As the fastener is a frequent speaker lightning, it is more convenient and better protects from the cold winter than buttons.


Jacket with a fluffy fur collar

Mink fur in a jacket, as a rule, not fat, although the texture of the knit can be seen that it is advantageous looks on the bright fur. To give the jacket the status of a truly winter outerwear, manufacturers produce jackets, in which the base mink fur combined with lush collar of the other furs. Usually very effectively in the fur products looks the combination of one fur and another that differs from it by the length of the pile and structure. Knitted mink for jacket goes well with thick lush collars in the style of the forties and the seventies, going down the fringe of both shelves down to the edge of the jacket. It not only looks great, before and insulates.


Jacket in retro style with short sleeves

Retro style in the fifties and sixties can be considered one of the fashionable breakthroughs which penetrated into modern fashion and not going to leave her pedestal. At first it was evident mainly in the feminine coat, but now penetrated the jacket, including fur. It is impossible not to mention how skyrocketed the popularity of mink jackets with short sleeves and with a different collar or no.

In these models, fur jackets often observed either striped or diagonal stripes, or mating fur imitating ordinary canvas bound of knitted yarn. Short sleeves three-quarter length or above the elbow, making these jackets are a great addition to the autumn wardrobe, closer in style and purpose to fashionable fur sleeveless jackets. Such jackets are padded belts in the form of thin laces or ribbons of shiny materials that are knotted at the waist bow and perfect shade knitted mink fabric.


Fur jackets, sweatshirts, blouses, jackets

Are those models in which the most evident connection in such detail as fur jacket features knit fabrics, which are used to see in knitted sweatshirts, sweaters, cardigan. Some of the jackets of mink have mating, which follows the well-known classic designs, other designers offer to wear jackets that are completely made in the form of elongated cardigans with pockets, modest jackets buttoned and even blouses with a frill or tie a bow on the chest.

For 2015 in the fashion collections combined version of fur coats of mink were presented along with the super popular and has already penetrated to the fore fur jackets in retro style. In addition to knitted mink jackets in the form of cardigans, jackets, vests, sleeveless jackets with collars and hoods, were shown including fur jackets, identical in design with a classic cut forms.

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