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Japanese diet – tried and tested by many women and men worldwide method for weight loss. The power scheme was developed by specialists of the medical center “Eax”, but despite the name it diet very vaguely reminiscent of traditional Oriental cuisine. The set of products are quite affordable for the price, all you can easily buy in any store.

How does the method work?

The diet is quite strict. It implies an exception of salt, easily digestible fats and carbohydrates, alcohol. First, from the body actively away excess liquid, and then weight loss continues due to the low calorie diet and normalization of metabolism. Pleases a large enough quantity of food, plenty of fruit and that the result lasts a long time – at least 2-3 years.

There are three options of the Japanese diet. The shortest lasts 7 days. A significant disadvantage of this method, as with other rapid methods of losing weight, that during this time the body can get rid of only excess water, but not fat. But if this stage is successfully completed, there is an incentive to go ahead and try the diet for 13 or 14 days. Fundamental differences here – the menu is identical. There are much more tough varieties of “Japanese”, for example, diet geisha, which is perceptible by a poor diet, but also more rapid and tangible results.

Rules and guidelines

  1. Prohibited: salt (including monosodium glutamate), sugar, confectionery products, animal fats. All the diet completely eliminates any alcohol.
  2. Allowed: lean meat and fish, chicken without skin, eggs, vegetables, fruits, legumes. Allowed natural spices, vegetable oil, dairy products with low fat content.
  3. Should be copious and frequent drinking. Daily 10 glasses of non-carbonated mineral water or boiled water. The first Cup is drunk on an empty stomach, and these portions are distributed evenly throughout the day.
  4. Start preparing for the diet for a few days. Limit the amount of salt, sugar, do not get alcohol. The day before, feel like a Japanese – to prepare lunch or dinner brown rice, seafood, light salad.
  5. Psychologically feel fragile geisha will help Chinese chopsticks. Be sure to buy them. For the first time to eat a lot does not work, then you will understand that it is beneficial for you.
  6. Out of the diet should not be abrupt. Stomach term weight loss has decreased in size, metabolism retooled so it is not necessary to destroy the newfound harmony. Eat frequent small meals, habitual products enter cautiously and stick to generated power scheme.
  7. A diet of mostly protein, it is not a completely balanced. To continue the diet for more than 2 weeks is dangerous – there is a risk to make a vitamin deficiency and other problems. Even 14 days of weight loss can damage your health, so in parallel, take a multivitamin.
  8. Diet has contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, heart disease, kidney disease, stomach ulcer. With salt-free diet is not recommended for intensive physical activity. Preferably the static types of Japanese gymnastics.

Detailed menu for the Japanese diet

A real “Japanese” has a rather monotonous diet, but allows you to lose weight without hunger. So it was more fun, connect fantasy, invent new recipes from the allowed set of products. Start cooking diet salads from vegetables and fruits, meat and fish – bake, braise, boil. It is advisable to strictly follow the suggested menu, but some days allow castling overexposed Lunches and dinners. Products with individual intolerance can be replaced, for example, drinking green tea instead of coffee.

Day # 1. Breakfast coffee with no sweeteners or milk. For lunch prepare boiled eggs – 2 PCs., cabbage salad with olive or other vegetable oil. Dinner tomato or wring out of it 200 g of tomato juice.

Day # 2. For Breakfast, prepare the biscuit or bread and drink coffee. Lunch will be steam, boiled or steamed fish, salad from cabbage with lemon juice and sunflower oil. Dinner 200 grams of lean beef on a Cup of yogurt.

Day # 3. The morning begins with black coffee. Eat 3 boiled or roasted carrots (you can substitute zucchini). For dinner, boil hard-boiled eggs, 100-150 g of beef and cut with a traditional salad of cabbage.

Day # 4. At Breakfast again with toast. Lunch: 1 raw egg, large parsley root or 3 carrots, lightly poached in butter. For dinner, you can use any fruit – their number is unlimited, but don’t get carried away.

Day # 5. Breakfast consists of grated raw carrots with lemon juice. Lunch fish (about 0, 5 kg), cook, soar or stew. Serve with a meal with a glass of tomato juice. For dinner, prepare a fruit salad.

Day # 6. Again coffee for Breakfast. Eat 500 g chicken and vegetable garnish. Dinner 2 eggs, hard boiled, carrot or cabbage salad.

Day # 7. The morning drink tea, preferably green. Eat boiled or steamed beef (200 g), for a dessert – fruit. Dinner options: you can repeat yesterday’s menu, or eat a fruit.

Day # 8. Breakfast tea again. Lunch will be a hearty: half chicken, vegetable salad with vegetable oil. In the evening again fruit in the amount of 2-3 fruits.

Day # 9. For Breakfast returns black coffee. Lunch will consist of a large piece of boiled or baked fish and 200 g of tomato juice. Dinner full: 2 hard-boiled eggs, salad of carrots or cabbage.

Day # 10. Breakfast: coffee. Lunch cooking light: 150-200 grams of beef, tomato juice. Pleasant and the now-familiar dinner: unsweetened fruit (you may bake the sour apples in the microwave, but without sugar).

Day # 11. Breakfast traditionally, coffee without milk or sweeteners. Lunch for everybody: raw egg, 3 big size carrots, poached in a vegetable oil, a small piece(15 g) of cheese. We finish the day with fruit.

Day # 12. To the morning Cup of coffee add a crouton. Low calorie lunch is a steamed or baked squash, baked apples or raw. For dinner, eat a piece of beef (100-200 g) and drink low-fat yogurt.

Day # 13. Breakfast only coffee. Lunch will be much more satisfying: tomato juice 2 hard-boiled eggs, cabbage salad. For dinner, prepare a piece of boiled or steamed fish.

Day # 14. Breakfast: coffee or green tea. Lunch dietary fish and vegetable salad. Dinner nutritional: 200 grams of lean boiled beef, a Cup of yogurt.

In principle, the amount of vegetables and fruits is not limited. But a sense of proportion must be present. It is desirable that the serving size of the salad to match the volume of your palms. The number of fruits and roots was not measured in kilograms, but in pieces – per meal 2-3 is enough.


Elena, 29 years. Tried dieting 7 days. The excess weight I have a small, decided that was enough, and she was right. Dropped 4 kg without much difficulty. Hunger is gone completely on the third day, and the food without salt even starting to like you. It’s been a few months, the weight stays normal, but the sweet, salty, fatty eat quite a bit.

Anna, 32 years. Terribly monotonous and tasteless diet. I really wanted to lose weight, so I gathered all the strength and firmness lasted 13 days. All the time went angry, hungry, with a headache. I really wanted sweet, and there’s no salt – it’s something. For me it is better not to eat. Has lost 7 kg, 4 returned safely back. Pathetic 3 kg not worth the pain!

Hope, 36 years. Three years ago, lost weight on the Japanese technique. The first couple of days was hard, and then not even eat it all! Weight went easily, the result was pleasing. After 2 weeks with ten pounds, decided that by 21 days. Coped, but the weight was melting very slowly. And then there were the surprises in the form of scaly skin, falling hair, splitting nails. In short, a deficiency in all its glory. Now again start the “Japanese girl”, but without fanaticism.


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