джинсы 2014 GucciJeans garment, which is in the wardrobe almost everyone, regardless of age, gender and profession. These denim trousers with each season get fancy new features, keeping belonging to his class convenient models, over which time has no power. Jeans 2014 replicate passed as its customers in the known quality. But this does not mean that the designers have not invented anything new, at least, it is always possible to update the classic denim with other garments.


Ripped jeans

A symbol of freedom and punk style, ripped jeans in any configuration – an absolute must have 2014. Best of all, these jeans look in his usual colors in the color-Indigo with fading. We cannot say that this trend for the time of its existence in a modern fashion with the seventies has not undergone any changes. New torn jeans – style on the brink of a foul. Holes in the fabric large, if specially cut with scissors in the fashionable fit of rage. In combination with spacious baggy cut and subjected to the effect of such models look incredibly bold.

What to wear: with ballet flats and oxfords, bright sandals with high heels, free white top, closing buttocks, dark blue blazer strict cut, the tuxedo vest, feminine white blouse or shirt, single-breasted coat oversize smooth design.


Baggy narrowed down jeans

Trendy interpretation of trends “boyfriend jeans” with amendments. In the world of fashion of this style was called baggy jeans, which means masculinist jeans on all length, but with each new season this trait became more restrained. The volume of jeans should focus on hips and down to her knees, gradually tapering towards Ikram. From press carrot these jeans are different in that they do not go into full snug fit cloth feet in the lower part, remaining to sit enough space. It is important that jeans that were tucked it is the most urgent style.

What to wear: of shoes-boats, with a high ankle boots, crop tops, opening the abdomen, men’s jackets, spacious cashmere sweaters, Longsleeves, cotton shirts with sharp collar and unbuttoned the top button.



They left with fashionable horizons for a short period, but few doubted that they will return. And designers, and fashion conscious consumers quickly missed jeans, which fully cover the foot, emphasizing the beautiful shape. Important note for this trend is the combination of mostly with plain cloth without unnecessary wear and other add-ons. Designers of these jeans though not want accessories and stylish porandast denim to divert attention from the effects they produce, highlighting beautiful legs – and they have to wear these jeans really need to be perfect. New jeans-slim 2014 can be classic in length, completely covering the ankle, and slightly shortened up to mid calf.

What to wear: with sandals with heels, boots on sustainable heels, long tunics and shirts, long jackets, closing buttocks, knitted cardigans.


Jeans with embroidery and appliques

This piece of clothing like jeans, occasionally asking for the decoration of their canonical form. But not rhinestones, and stylish, with embroidery, applique and contrasting inserts that give the charm and bright individuality. Jeans can be of different shapes and colors, as long as they were not too shabby, it is better to prefer the classic version monotone smooth denim, so as not to distract attention from the stylish add-ons. This can be a lace insert, running along both legs, large floral applique side, embroidery in the upper pane on the sides, enabling leather patches of black or brown.

These models are good for those who can combine embroidery, applique and paste with features clothing, choosing for them the color and design of tops, blouses and jackets.

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