Since Levi Strauss invented in 1850 jeans, they become part of fashion and more popular in our days. Originally, jeans released for working miners, but eventually jeans penetrated into the closet women and children. Since then, the color Indigo filled the whole world, jeans are the symbol of convenience and freedom.

Stylish, comfortable, and sexy, perfectly combined with any clothing, the first women’s jeans created in 1953, and since then, regardless of age and shape, jeans at the leading position in every woman’s wardrobe.
Джинсы - лидер гардероба1
Find the perfect pair of jeans for your body is no easy task. This is best done by the method of repeated fittings, look for the «its» jeans. Here are some guidelines when choosing jeans:

- plump fit jeans with artificial addition of «stretch», take slightly smaller than its size, as in the future they will last. Choose a belt, made of elastic fabric, it will give an aesthetic look and comfort to your body;

- for skinny ladies, you can use any jeans, both bright and dark tones, you should pay attention to the fashionable skinny, with low and high waist. If you want to look a little fuller, choose a bright jeans with an average landing;

- high ladies better in jeans with a low waist varied cut and any color, except cut «cigarettes»;

- for young women fit tight jeans length to heel, preferably dark colors;

- broad hips should pay attention to the back pockets, choose jeans with large pockets, they visually hide your size;

- narrow hips better look bright jeans, flared at the bottom;
Джинсы - лидер гардероба
If the jeans sit on the figure as влитые with a sense of comfort and freedom, inner voice will not deceive is what you need.

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