модные джинсыFashion jeans may seem very strange. On the one hand, denim never goes out of fashion, which is proved not one dozen years, and on the other, designers sometimes deliberately ignore it in their collections pret-a-porter. They produce the most fantastic models press, with prints, pockets of comfortable materials, but alone it is not trendy jeans. This new chinos, breeches, Capri pants, trousers, which are alternately come into fashion again leave her for a few seasons. But if you look good, then for many models hides nothing like denim trousers – good old jeans, trying to oust podiums, probably in revenge for long-term leadership in wardrobes.

If we look at the collection of jeans, which was released in 2013, some of the marks, you might get the impression that we are back in the nineties, and striking fashion chaos and style of anarchy. About it gently to tell the model of neon shades, textbook «varenkov», as well as the unforgettable ripped jeans that are just begging on the slender tanned legs. Cyclical fashion all made known. This process can be not focus attention, because in some collections, you can still find something we have never seen before.


Light blue

These models require a beautiful shapely legs, the more that they are basically in супероблегающих versions. Light blue jeans come in the stead of trousers from the traditional one, but, alas, бесхарактерного denim dark blue color. These versions can almost always be seen in conjunction with other developments: in addition to custom fit holes throughout the thigh, narrowed down trousers, stylish attrition.


In military style

Cryptic coloration decorates fashion jeans for both women and men. It seemed that the military style went out of fashion, but he’s back and not just on a pair of trousers, and in the guise of denim. The wearing of jeans better with free-style shirts casual.

With prints

Prints found themselves not only in tissue trousers and jeans, which is unexpected for all blooming tulips, roses, peonies and other floral fantasies. An even bigger surprise was the fact that the floral motifs found application not only in women but also in men’s jeans.

In addition to a floral theme, denim revealed another, for example, longitudinal stripe, watercolor paintings, trompe l’oeil style, large pea, psychedelia, small printed figure and a combination of several patterns in a single model.


In «sweet» shades

Jeans change their purpose, of hairy trousers of dark blue denim they are transformed into elegant trousers, who are as floral patterns and sweet-sugar mood. In 2013 became popular jeans in pastel candy-like colors that remind пастиле or air Zephyr: light turquoise, mints, light coral, peach.



- Holes in jeans very few people would be a surprise, if not a new interpretation of them. In addition to the usual ripped knees and legs, which can barely stand and not crawling on all seams, in the fashion denim is to be a bondage theme. It transforms sloppy hole jeans making them smooth and absolutely symmetrical.



Skinny is fashionable again jeans, they put «soap», are removed with difficulty, but still are the best friends of young girls who are eager to boast of slender, toned legs and buttocks.


Short and подвернутые

Jeans model, which length reaches approximately to the ankles, in fashion for a long time. They successfully are under pumps, Roman sandals, sneakers-sneakers and sandals with heels. But the designer thought that such models are too careful, so they decided to teach us how to wear them in a comfortable length, but a little more relaxed – rolled. Such curled jeans rise higher, and when they combined with high boots between the shoes and the edge of the press remains a strip of skin.

Bright, acid, neon

Releasing such jeans, fashion designers like pay a tribute to the rave parties nineties. Very popular in 2013 shades of red, carrot, terracotta, electric blue, juicy turquoise, unexpected yellow, pink and fuchsia, which got to the denim.

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