джинсы с высокой талиейJeans with high waist suddenly became the trend, which began to play the winners of various shapes. These jeans can flatter the figure, hiding protruding tummy and not allowing to perform the sides that jeans low rise emphasize even a slim girls. Jeans with high waist really good and very relevant, but this garment care, only then they will help to create a stylish images without a hint of vulgarity and problems with the figure.


A play of volumes

When choosing jeans with high waist, attention should be paid to the width of the pants. As any other model of jeans, they can be narrow, skinny or slim, wide (pipes), flared. Each of these styles with normal landing is suitable or not suitable to different types of shapes, but high waistline and fitting in the area of the buttocks can do bad service and spoil the image.

Jeans with high waist, the more the model slim, not suitable for women with strong types figures “pear” and “Apple”. In the first case severe thigh heavily accented by the contrast with shapely legs and a thinner waist area. In the second case, when the weight is concentrated in the abdomen, jeans with a high waist attract attention to the problem areas, especially in the front, where denim most unattractive way snugly over his stomach, making it visually more round and volume.

If you want to knock out the existing problems with a figure, to hide extra volumes and roundness, choose not plain and not too thin denim. The best way to divert attention from heavy buttocks and wide waist will be decor waist near metal buttons, uneven color fabric, the presence of pockets on both the front and rear.

For those, whose shape has volumes, concentrated in the area of the middle part of the body, the main recommendation is to give up jeans with a high waist-style skinny, preferring pipe or model from the flared pants. When choosing a wide jeans minimalist design and dark colors you will not only highlight the flaws, but can pick up a nice alternative to the classic black trousers which can be worn both at work and outside working hours. To combine them as you can with youth tops and Longsleeves, and with strict shirts in men’s style or beautiful, feminine blouses printed and bow.


What to wear jeans with a high waist

Regardless of your style and design of jeans, this model requires heels. Optionally, select a stud high, this may be the shoes on sustainable heels. On a slender girls with perfect forms look good classic pointy shoes-pumps, summer sandals. If jeans with short pants length of seven-eighths, you can choose stylish boots with heels and platform shoes in the style of Roman sandals with fine leather straps to the ankles and other designs, which is focused on fine caviar.

Harder to choose the top for jeans with high waist, because if you buy this model, most likely, you want to emphasize the waist area. You need to know how to do it correctly.

For fans of the business office or the feminine style there is nothing easier than in a couple of jeans with a high waist to wear thin shirt with print. They should be moderately long, because they have to dress in jeans. T-shirts and t-shirts printed with the effect of trompe l’oeil perfectly fit into the company to the jeans with high waist, because it allows you to hide the border between the top and the bottom.

One of the most fashionable way to wear jeans with high landing is to combine them with shortened versions of the top. Suitable spacious crop top sport style that is worn in the eighties with long or short sleeves, version knitted sweater or t-shirts. Skinny girls can afford tight tops, opening the abdomen.

In good shape without obvious shortcomings jeans with high waist well worn with tight tops, thin women. If you hesitate this outfit, worrying about its relevance and too stylish fit fabric, shift the accents. First, if you wear a plain-fitting top, refuse jeans, slim, if you do not want to appear as a teacher of aerobics. Pick up a suitable model of jeans with wide, straight or slightly flared the pants. Hide possible drawbacks and to distract looks tempting SARS will help vest knitting, leather or fur, but not jeans.

Jeans with high waist almost always bad look very tall girls, especially, with stout piece, as it significantly disrupt the body proportions, focusing on all the shortcomings immediately. This model is created mostly jeans for tall girls.

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