джинсы с завышенной талиейDespite the fact that 50 years are long gone, jeans with a high waist after so many years again in fashion. These jeans help to hide the stomach and make the legs more slender.


What to wear with jeans with a high waist

Low waist jeans are not suitable for everyone. They are recommended for tall people with elastic buttocks. These jeans do not share a profile and therefore suitable for people of small stature. They emphasize the curves and shapes of lush women.

Jeans with high waist allow you to add variety to the casual style. To emphasize their jeans is better to combine with a plain t-shirt or t-shirt with the logo. In addition, the t-shirt you can tuck in jeans. Jeans style slim or skinny are perfectly complemented by heels. If denim regular style, more suitable sneakers chucks. For those who prefer the 80s style, fit bright jeans with 7/8 length, which open the ankle.

Depending on the season and remain a perfect combination of jeans with a high waist and a vest with short or long sleeves. As for shoes, this pair of Derby or shoes. As accessory fits black or brown belt with a large buckle.

You can combine two denim garment. For example, skinny jeans and wide enough denim shirt. Actually looks pair of sneakers Gazelle.


For different occasions

Besides the fact that jeans with a high waist perfect for any silhouette, they adapt to any style. For office work or a party, choose a black or dark blue jeans, which will be the blazer, clutch bag and long necklace. The rock is more suitable jeans with 7/8 length black leather jacket, t-shirt and boots.

Jeans with a waist in the form of a corset perfectly outlines the silhouette. Belt with buttons as fasteners attached to the waist of sophistication. These jeans look great with a blouse or shirt tucked in jeans.

These jeans are perfectly combined with a short top. However, the pants should be slim but not too narrow, not to leave unsightly marks on the skin.

Currently jeans with a high waist embellished with various appliques, crystals, embroidery, numerous pockets. This is an excellent option for everyday style and evening party.

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