джинсы с завышенной талиейJeans with high waist is a fashionable clothing that can be worn by both men and women. They can be worn at the weekend to put on an evening stroll or walk in them for shopping.


Jeans with high waist with shirts

Shirts usually look great with jeans, especially cellular. Enhance the image of a pair of low or high sneakers, black and white or any other color, depending on the color of the shirt. If the weather is cool, the top you can throw a cardigan or jacket pea coat. Wear cute short necklaces, multiple bracelets and complete image of the bag on a chain.

  • The first image. For girls who like bright colors, for example yellow, this dress will be the best option. You can wear black jeans with a high waist and a shirt lemon color. To look fashionable shirt tuck in jeans, add a thin belt of yellow color or shade of lime. Top throw down jacket lemon color. He will make the dress more attractive, because the combination of yellow and lemon colors looks incredibly elegant. As the shoes will fit suede sandals color lime. Decorate the neck with a pendant in the shape of a heart lemon color to match the jacket. Complete your look with a black handbag medium size.
  • The second way. Gray shirt will look more casual, if you wear them with jeans of any color. Choose a shirt that is well you sit on, and jeans with a high waist, black, cream or dark blue. As it is more free style, tuck the shirt into the jeans do not need. Choose beautiful sandals, flat shoes or lovery that will fit well in this style. Give chic along with classic square shoulder bag and put the beads to add to the image of femininity. Complete your look with dark glasses to protect eyes from sunlight.
  • The third way. Plaid flannel shirts or shirts with floral pattern will create the perfect casual look. They can be worn on weekends or to wear to work on Friday. These shirts are best worn with jeans with high waist dark blue, black or any other suitable color. Wear beautiful tunic neutral color (white, gray or cream), and from top to attach a simple shirt. Not buckle shirt so that the tunic was visible. Wear a cute necklace and a few bracelets to make the image look more feminine. As shoes suitable sneakers or sneakers black or white.


Jeans with high waist with t-shirts

T – shirt-this is the most simple outfit that can be worn with jeans as they easily fit in this style. If you are not very well know how to combine colors, choose t-shirts neutral shades of white, gray or cream, because they come to the jeans of any color.

After you have picked up a t-shirt that will be worn with jeans with a high waist, you will need to choose beautiful shoes that fit into this outfit. You can wear sneakers, sneakers or flat shoes, depending on what image you want to create.

If you want the image was chic, choose flat shoes to look stylish and charming. For boyish image, the best option would be the sneakers or sneakers. Femininity together will give a cute short necklaces, earrings and feminine bracelets. Complete your look with a simple but beautiful handbag is a clutch or a bag with handles.

  • The first image. Choose beautiful jeans with a high waist black or brown and striped t-shirt (black with white stripes or brown with black stripes). In cold weather top to wear mohair coat with belt. The coat can be black or brown. In winter, do not forget to wear gloves lined to the hands warm. Femininity the way will give the earrings in the form of large rings, a beautiful wrist watch and bracelet from multiple segments. Complete your look with ankle boots in tone, bag and a beret – so you will look stylish and fashionable in jeans with a high waist.
  • The second way. If you love neon colors, you will look in jeans with a high waist and a t-shirt neon colors. Choose a beautiful t-shirt neon colors (yellow, orange, beige) and wear it with jeans in black. Fling the top black blazer padded with cream that is suitable to jeans and will be combined with the entire outfit. Choose neon accessories – neon earrings and necklaces that will fit your neon shirt. As shoes good shoes wedge with open toe yellow or beige.


Jeans with high waist with blouses

Blouse is stylish clothes for women, especially suitable for formal events and some special cases. You can wear jeans with a high waist with a beautiful blouse and wear this outfit to work.

For example, choose a beautiful white blouse with long sleeves and jeans dark blue or black. As the shoes will fit sandals or pumps, depending on what image you want to create. Boats are more suited to classic and feminine look, and sandals will make the image more elegant and formal. Don’t forget to tuck the blouse in jeans and a top to wear a belt with decorations to make the outfit even more attractive. In cool weather put on top of a black leather jacket. Accessories such as sunglasses, earrings, necklaces and rings will make the outfit more feminine and glamorous. Complete your look with a handbag black or any other suitable color, and your elegant image ready.

Can be worn with jeans with a high waist black blouse with long sleeves, decorated with rhinestones. Top cast fitted black double-breasted blazer, which will complement the outfit and keeps you warm during cool weather. Image complete clinking bracelets and pointy boots. In this dress you can go shopping at the weekend or just an evening walk around the city.

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