Джимми ЧуJimmy Chu – young brand, but famous, perhaps, even those who are far from the world of fashion. About the lost of this brand shoes grieves Kerry Bradshaw in the cult TV series «Sex and the city, the shoes, Jimmy Choo tries and heroine of the film «the Devil wears Prada», and millions of women dream to become the possessors of accessories this has already become a legendary brand.


How it all began

Джимми ЧуThe future Creator of the most elegant footwear was born in 1961 in Penang, Malaysia. His first pair of shoes Jimmy created at the age of eleven years. History is silent about how successful was the first experience, but over the years the interest Jimmy Choo for fashion is not quenched, and over time, the future founder of the Shoe Empire arrives at the Technical College (now part of the London College of Fashion. Simultaneously Jimmy cleaner works in a Shoe factory, to be able to pay for tuition.

In 1983 he receives a diploma and soon begins to engage in the production of shoes, which is fast becoming popular. Suffice it to say that about this mark is very highly Princess Diana is a recognized icon of style of the late twentieth century. Promising brand attracts the attention of investors, working in the fashion industry Tamara Mellon persuades his father to invest in the production of shoes of a young successful designer. And in 1996 appears brand Jimmi Choo.

Tamara Mellon often repeats the classical statement that is not as important for good clothes, how excellent quality accessories – shoes and bag. And since the earliest days of shoes from Jimmi Choo meets high standards. The first brand store opened, of course, in London, and in a couple of years doors to visitors opens boutique in new York, followed by Los Angeles.


History of brand development

Джимми ЧуIn 2001, half of the shares Jimmi Choo acquires company Equinox Luxury Holdings, and, since then, the company began to grow at an impressive rate. Three years later the brand buys company to Lion Capital, and in 2007 – the company Tower Brook. All these developments are brand only benefit: the name of Jimmy Choo makes more often beat the heart of fashionistas around the world.

Shops Jimmi Choo opened all over the world: in Europe, America, Australia, Asia. It is actively developing market in China, where it is planned to open fifty shops Jimmy Choo. Each sales point is chosen in a special way in order to highlight the impeccable image of the brand. In 2001, for the first time collection of handbags and the first collection of clothes of a class pret-a-porter from Jimmi Choo, 2008 – the first collection of sunglasses, in 2011 – the first perfume of this brand.


Secrets of popularity

Джимми ЧуMost of the women learned about the amazing shoes, Jimmy Choo of the legendary series «Sex and the city»where the heroine Sarah Jessica Parker сокрушалась about the loss of your favorite pair of shoes purple sandals with feathers from Jimmi Choo. What is the secret of the popularity of these shoes? And the secret is that the designers have managed to combine incompatible and make shoes simultaneously beautiful and comfortable. No wonder the shoes, Jimmy Choo called works of art heels – this strikingly elegant and sexy shoes are incredibly comfortable. Every fashionista knows that after three to four hours of wearing high-heeled shoes turn into an instrument of torture and bring the pain with every step. With shoes from Jimmi Choo this is not the case: in the collections of the designer have a luxury shoes that you can’t just walk, but also dance.

This brand creates a truly gorgeous shoes. Although designers prefer restrained colors, shoes from Jimmi Choo immediately attracted the attention of slim shape and thoughtful original decor. The same can be said about bags. In addition to women’s shoes and handbags under the brand Jimmy Choo made scarves, belts, sunglasses, women’s clothing and shoes for men. The company holds patents for its products and has already participated in a number of court proceedings, which were associated with the trademark or copyright of the company.


The Choice Of Hollywood

Джимми Чу Дженнифер Лопес

Jennifer Lopez

The brand products are enjoying great popularity both among ordinary mortals, and among celebrities. Sarah Jessica Parker, as its heroine, prefers to wear shoes : Jimmy Choo. The same choice is made and celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Hurley, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Garnett, Kylie Minogue, Scarlett Johansson, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and many others. Without shoes from Jimmi Choo not costs per activity at the award of the most prestigious awards of the many celebrities sure to flaunt in fine shoes or sandals of this brand. It is interesting that many stars think shoes from Jimmi Choo some kind of a talisman, which will help to get the coveted award. In the spring of 2013 face fashion brand became an Australian actress Nicole Kidman, known for her love of elegant and sophisticated style.

Evening shoes : Jimmy Choo is produced jointly with British designer-jeweller Sasha Рэтью. Luxury shoes, decorated with crystals from Swarovski captured the hearts of many fashionistas.

Today the legendary designer lives in London and has a degree of doctor of arts Лейсестерского University. He is also involved in raising the level of skill Shoe masters at home, in Malaysia, and tries to establish production there a stylish Shoe excellent quality. Jimmy Choo is recognized that independently invents design own shoes, and his cousin produces shoes on sketches by Jimmy in London. The designer said in an interview that he sometimes wears shoes with heels to look above: in his collection there are even men’s shoes, which allow to increase mouth three inches. The secret of success Jimmy Choo, according to him – in patience and love for your work.

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