To pick an outfit under cardigan – you can safely experiment. Variety of service will create a bright image, depending on the color and style. Jumper can be made of knitted fabrics, and associated himself.
Джемпер – залог женственности 1
Buy female cardigan in a clothing store, and in the Internet-shop. There is a sufficient number of albums, both winter and autumn. Winter sweaters usually wear with tight pants or a skirt. Well pants suit the stylish jeans. Not recommended to wear them together with lush and flared skirts as it will look awkward, will give the forms of splendor, and as a consequence – obviously discomfort. So you can match it with the jewelry, it will look stylish and very well suitable for business style. If there is strong legs, under a jumper, you can wear a short skirt or shorts. Shorts is desirable to wear under pantyhose flesh color, or color of the pants. As a Shoe harmoniously fit-high boots. Girls who have a nice waist, may emphasize it with a belt or waistband. If we talk about the classics, it is suitable to white shirt and classic black pants, it underscores a slim figure. When cardigan long collar, he can wear a long straight skirt, it looks very stylish. Long джемперам perfect tight leggings with ballet flats. These jumpers enjoy popularity among young people. Color ballerinas can be the same as cardigan. This is ideal for trips or holiday travel.
Джемпер – залог женственности 2
Jumper is considered to be universal clothes can be worn almost at all. It creates a presentable appearance, gives self-confidence. Therefore, choosing the appropriate clothes, enough to rely on their imagination.

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