Long pancakes was very generous and extremely tasty dish that you can easily eat for Breakfast, lunch and even for dinner as a dessert. And pancakes cooked in yogurt, will not leave indifferent any man on earth. Therefore, it is important to know how to make fluffy pancakes on their own, without leaving home.

The recipe for the fritters in yogurt is quite simple. Thanks to one of the main ingredients to the yogurt, pancakes have a fluffy and slightly porous. Cook pancakes on this recipe, you will have free time for a favorite thing.

So, you will need these ingredients: 1 Cup of yogurt, 1 Cup wheat flour, 2 eggs, half a teaspoon of salt, 2 tablespoons sugar, butter (for greasing fritters), vegetable oil (for frying fritters).

Initially, you need to prepare the dough for pancakes. To do this, take a bowl, mix in there the following ingredients – yogurt, sugar, salt, eggs. Thus it is necessary to thoroughly beat the eggs, should get a foam on the surface. Next, sift the flour and stir it into the mass, stir. The result should be a mass consistency of thick cream. It is important to achieve homogeneity to test avoid lumps. Leave on for half an hour, the dough was drawn, after covering it with a cotton towel.

The next stage is directly frying. Heat a pan and pour a little bit of vegetable oil. When needed it can be added during cooking. Portions lay the pancakes on the pan using a spoon dipped in cold water. Flip the pancakes on the other side, after they have reached a Golden brown on the first. The finished pancakes put on a plate, brush each with butter, so that they retain the fluffiness and softness of pancakes.

The traditional recipe of pancakes can be slightly changed due to additional ingredients. For example, adding to the dough 1 Cup grated potatoes (zucchini or pumpkin) you can get potato (squash or pumpkin) pancakes. Whatever toppings for pancakes you choose, you they will be very tasty.

Serve kefir need with sour cream, condensed milk, syrup, berry jam, ice cream, and other products. The main thing – do not be afraid to experiment, and you will succeed!

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