Кира ПластининаCyrus Пластинину love to young women and dislike those who considers himself an expert fashion. Endless accusations mediocre showered on girl since its inception in the industry. Perhaps those who do not consider Пластинину worthy designer, just jealous of her success was not accidental, because become so annoying. Kira Plastinina – Golden girl Russian fashion business, whose talents pointless to argue with it. Its brand is not one year, and her clothes to buy, wear and praise.


The designer behind a Desk

Cyrus was born in 1992 and since early childhood was fond of drawing. In 2006, her father, a prominent Russian businessman Sergei Plastinin decided to create a branded network of fashionable clothes, applying for the appointment of the ability daughter. So in the beginning of 2007, there was an Kira Plastinina, and Moscow schoolgirl fourteen years became the chief designer of own brand.

To say that this event was to say nothing. In terms of marketing has done a tremendous work, put in motion requires considerable investment, which became a byword for spiteful critics. From the point of view of the fashionable public was born a new brand, which certainly caused a stir. The designer, who is still studying in school, liked by his peers and caused bewilderment among other, more adults connoisseurs of fashion, configured to the birth of a new name more than skeptical.

Catwalk debut collection of clothing brand Kira Plastinina took place in March 2007. On the podium reigned teen-glamour-chic, which at that time was still the master of doom, so many liked. Plastinina in my first collection was embodied in a girlish dreams of glamour with its brightness, abundance pink color that contrasted with black type this familiar girls emo style. The character of the collection was not unexpected, but the clothing of the young designer liked Schoolgirls, who found it indispensable for chroma and comfort.

Itself Plastinina described the style of your brand «art-glamour-sportlive-casual». No certainty, solid eclectic spirit of the time. This combination of styles, strange, somewhat bizarre, almost similar to what is usually called a designer clothing, found its audience. This is not surprising, because the girl worked for his generation, which is still far from adult fashion with inherent purity and выверенностью promoted by the leading names in the industry.


Uninvented fashion

The trends that became the basis of collections of Kira Plastinina’s hard to call current fashion trends in the conventional sense of the word. Any other house, who have a long history, each new season produce clothes, reflecting the spirit of their own brand, not forgetting about the trends of modernity, ignore that it would be bad manners. What did Plastinina? It is not invent rental – designers is not enough to be called a successful designer. The talent of this couturier that he is able to anticipate trends and harmoniously in them offering their customers that do not offer the other. But all these unwritten principles exist in the European and American fashion, the Russian develops according to its own laws, and it is impossible not to be considered.

Russian designers with their fixation to the folk motifs and belated inclusion in the essence of global trends stand out. Kira Plastinina is no exception to this rule, but it became famous for the fact, that has gone on already beaten path. Her cute teen skirts-packs, which were combined with t-shirts with prints-shirts, knitted caps and & sweatshirts shade of fuchsia successfully filled the niche needs of young people, who estimated the efforts of newly-Princess of the Russian fashion. Clothing Kira Plastinina if DiMeo with existing models, which, in her first collections and лукбуках filed in new combinations, of which her shoppers unaware of.

Arrival to the Russian capital, first Paris Hilton, then Britney Spears and, finally, cooperation with Lindsay Lohan became more than successful commercial projects for the development of Kira Plastinina. Teens have many idols that could fit well into the concept of the new collections, young designer’s, but were chosen the most controversial figures of show business, which, of course, was followed closely.


The transition to adulthood

In the years since the release of her first collection and opening representative offices abroad, Kira has matured, has transformed her style and feed your own creativity. It develops its own brand of premium LUBLU Kira Plastinina, which offers girls previous comfort and sports orientation, and femininity, elegance, expressed more Mature design features. Among them – the clean lines, the combination of noble materials, conciseness, minimalism and hints to his own «I» in fashion.

Despite the accusations of plagiarism, which may not unfounded, Kira Plastinina grows as a couturier, to pleasure of fans, which she added with each new collection.

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