трикотажное платье на все случаи жизниUnbelievable but true – knitted dress becomes a piece wardrobe, without which it is increasingly difficult to do. Not only in winter but also in the autumn, and sometimes even in summer. Since then, as Jersey returned in everyday fashion and became one of the brightest indicators of style, to deny its possibility is becoming increasingly difficult. In the heap of different shapes, sizes and styles women looking for knitted dress for all occasions, which is able to adapt to the weight requirements of the image. One model I could not do.


The choice of a direction

The list of positive characteristics such part as a wardrobe knitted dress is not limited warmth which it gives, and compliance with the latest fashion trends, in which it fits. A dress from Jersey attracts many versatility, easy adaptability, the ability to combine different types of clothing and accessories, formation with each of them new, sometimes unexpected style.

A woman who already has the experience of connection of different things, well aware of the latest trends and knows what suits her best, could, on the basis of one knitted dresses to create a dozen images of the most different directions. This is the power of each, the main thing – observation, attention to itself and to the actual poverim fashion. But, in any case, it is important not to make a mistake when choosing the model.

If you really want to get a dress for all occasions, will certainly pay attention to minimalism style and decoration. Only a simple dress without problems combined with something else. Often the difference in the compatibility or other knitted dresses lies not so much in its design as the length. Because mini, ultramax rarely coexist in the same way, so you have to choose.


Short sweater dress with a collar-collar

Regardless of knitted fabric, collar-collar always makes the image more comfortable, soft. Sweater dress length not below mid thigh wonderful worn under the strap, and without it, with long or short sleeves. This dress could be worn in the summer in cool weather, but when come the autumn, to wear thin cap to match the dress, making it a single style.

This dress smooth knitted and adjacent cut can be worn to work, combining it with the feminine and concise shoes-boats. As casual option sweater dress with a collar easy to carry with high botfortas, with boots flat shoes and with wide legs, wearing tight black or colored tights.


The dress is of medium length with a round neck and three-quarter sleeves

This new classic elegant Jersey. These dresses are mostly made of thin, soft smooth Jersey that its texture may resemble a traditional thick woolen cloth. Knitted dress this style can easily pass for a concise cocktail, especially if you choose a model beautiful saturated colors, for example, turquoise go electric blue.

It is also easy to adapt to your office style, stressing thin waist wide or medium leather strap. Informally, this dress can be worn in a more expressive style, for example, putting in place of a belt knitted or silk belt that you can tie a bow, also decorating dress pendant.

With this dress, it is easy to combine business jacket as feminine fitted and straight silhouette. If you close the 50s style with clean lines and no waist, you can wear that dress without a belt, confident combining it with sports shoes or heavy boots in men’s style. If you want to make your way brutality, can try to wear such a dress with a massive shoes with metal and leather jackets. Hands grab flat clutch-envelope or bag-like bag.


Long knitted dress

This model knitted dresses designed for women courageous and confident. If you close your eyes to some of the inconvenience of wearing in the modern metropolis, the presence of such dress is undeniable plus for a stylish image.

Long knitted dress can be short or long sleeves to wear it you cool in the summer, early autumn. It is possible to give out for the evening, if the cut, color and design corresponds to the case. The biggest advantage of a long knitted dresses that its owners have no special worries about what to wear. It completely covers the figure, so it is better to refuse from the massive knit and large accessories like bags-capacious bags or tote. Give preference shoes flat shoes, classic or sports.

Long knitted dress can be a dress-sweater with surround collar, in the Greek style, with bare shoulders, long adjacent deaf sleeves up to the wrist. These models combine well with jackets made of leather, which do not cross the line of the waist, that the image was balanced. If the dress of a very fine knitwear, it can play the role of the evening. You can wear it with a leather boots and complement the stylish the clutch bag smooth design, but always with a contrasting color outfit. Waist to emphasize thin strap in the same tone.

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