вязаное платье для полных женщинKnitted things are entering our fall and winter wardrobe, as soon as the cooler weather starts. These rules can easily be adapted for girls who have no problem with the figure, but if they are, difficulties arise. How to stay warm in the colder years, if the figure is complete, and insulated fashion Jersey, only exacerbate this disadvantage. Not really all that scary, because the Jersey is different, and for the selection of a particular model dresses or sweaters must be able to choose the texture, color and style. Knitted dress for fat women is not an exception to the rule, and it is quite possible one of the clothes that can be adjusted to your autumn / winter style.


What models are not recommended

модели вязаных платьев для полных женщинWomen with a full figure you can never wear dresses made of thick knits and very thick textured knit. No matter how these styles are popular this season, even if such a dress will be the easiest adjacent fit and simple silhouette, it will still do the figure bulky, heavy, giving you a few visual pounds to the existing one.

Knitted dresses for women with full lush Breasts and heavy upper body, including arms full, should not be fully zapihnuti neck. The collar and voluminous collar clamp for such a figure is also contraindicated, especially if the neck is short and round face, has chubby cheeks and a double chin. If this is your case, the upper part of the figure should visually “unload”, and not to hide under heavy knitted fabrics.

Since the knitted fabric is in fashion, and it becomes the basis for different types of things, you can always find knit dress with draping, ruffles, flounces, which of boring flat models make more interesting. But for the fuller figure is a bad alternative. If you want a romantic girlish ruffles, choose a dress made of smooth thin fabric, because such experiments with knitwear will make your figure look even bigger.


Sweater dresses

вязаное платье свитер для полных женщинSweater dresses in the Irish style is a classic model winter warm stylish dresses that can be the basis for everyday wear. Irish sweater has a recognizable texture knit with braids, voluminous twists knitted fabric, so for the fuller figure, this model is possible, but need to pick it carefully.

First, choose dark colors, not too impressive surround binding and moderately thick thread, adjacent silhouette and a knee length. This dress can be worn with leggings, but to make her look slimmer, wear either knee-length boots or ankle boots chunky heel.


Straight silhouette dresses

вязаное платье прямого силуэта для полных женщинKnitted dresses for larger women may at first glance no different from the textile. If you choose not dress below the knee from a dense smooth Jersey knit dark color, you may be surprised how well it fits and does not emphasize any flaws. To enhance the stylish effect of such dresses, you need to choose a model not just for the right Jersey, but also a correct cut.

To visually elongate the silhouette and make it slimmer will help V-shaped throat cut, but to Supplement this effect is easily shortened sleeves three-quarter length, which bare the wrist – the thinnest part of the arm. Coupled with beautiful shoes with thick heels or moderately high platform, you will not be able to disturb the proportions of the body and look slimmer in a Jersey dress.


Dress of fine knitwear

вязаное платье из тонкого трикотажа для полных женщинDress of fine knitwear or model of high quality thick Jersey once the great Coco Chanel made the basis for his iconic little black dress. This option knitted material can be considered for both winter and demi-season dresses or as a model for cool weather.

Dress of fine knitwear category of plus size should not be tight. An obvious advantage of such models is the variability of the cut. If you want to have a classic straight dress-sweater and dress with a flowing skirt or beautiful sleeves with ruffles or draping to hide your stomach, you can afford such a thing. You can choose a dress of fine knitwear with high or low waist wide elastic bands, dress balloon or a long dress, suitable for evening out.


Knit dress pattern

вязаное платье с рисунком для полных женщинMost often knit dress, and other knitted items, associated with plain and neutral or dark colors. In reality you can purchase a beautiful dress made from Jersey with a suitable pattern. It can be as classic diamond print or convenient for the fuller figure longitudinal strip, ethnic pattern and even a floral print.

Any of the prints on knitted dress for full should not be very large. Beware of bright contrasting ornaments on neckline, which visually expand the shape.


Fishnet dress

вязаное ажурное платье для полных женщинTo knit a crochet dress for fat women sometimes becomes the solution after repeated and fruitless selecting the appropriate options in the stores. And many of them beautiful openwork knit dresses, which are then happy to wear on the beach or in the city, putting them on a heavyweight matte Foundation on a thin elastic dresses, tops with short shorts. Of course, these dresses are finding their place in a beach wardrobe, because they can be worn over the leotard.

Airy openwork dress knitted your own or store-bought, fits in SupeRally trend, according to which the lace, thick or almost does not hide the body, can act as a basis for everyday and festive image. Delicate openwork knit dress for fat women – this dress is quite tight knit, neutral colors and an attached or free silhouette. Under it, you can wear a shapewearthat will play the role of base lining and help to pull the imperfect form.

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