трикотажное платье для офисаWho would have thought a few years ago that knitted dress able to become a basic element for the creation of business style and it can be easy to wear in the office. Now, with adaptation knitted dresses for full image of business lady no problems. But a rich selection of designs such models should not confuse and disorient. Choosing jerseys dress for the office, one should keep in mind the basic requirements for appearance, not allowing them to cross the line behind which begins relaxed everyday life.


Color knitted dresses for the office

Work is work, and regardless of the fashionable belief we must remember that in the office, you first professional, and not irresistible vamp or a home cat. Knitted dress itself is an article of clothing, the way in which the office is already enough, whatever you’re looking for, how to further beautify its image. Forget about flashy colors, even fashionable shades mustard or terracotta may damage it.

Do not draw unnecessary attention to his person. Choose knitted classics, which blend perfectly with such dresses. Black, grey, grey-beige, dark blue, deep green, deep inky – these shades don’t look boring in knitted dress, they are a perfect fit with your business image.


Texture knitted dresses for the office

Another point that may be the defining boundary beyond which begins inadmissible for the business woman style. Nobody argues with romance knitted «braids», knots, and the charm of the ornate cross of diamonds. But all this is best left for home at the time outside of work. Strict style of office rarely favors creativity, which can bloom dress from Jersey. If you put this thing to work, you will inform colleagues and the leadership that you are in a relaxed idle spirits and are feeling on a holiday, rather than on labour feats.

The perfect dress for the office is a model of fine cotton, which do not pay attention to their origin in the sense of a material. Best of all, if knitted dress does not throw his nature, and could pass for a tissue. In this regard, not to carry on the work of the model with openwork viscous, with a volume elements, preferring smooth knitted Jersey. In some cases, you can choose the texture of the canvas, but only if the dress has a restrained dark color and discreet design.


Designs knitted dresses for the office

The easiest way to look elegant, efficiently and securely in Jersey at work – is to buy a sheath dress with delicate rounded neckline, knee length. The presence or absence of sleeves depends on their need in this or that time of the year. If there is a comfortable autumn, you can easily wear a sleeveless dress, combining it with a thin turtleneck. Pay attention to the conflict of designs, which can come with a dress different types of clothing. If knitted dress, are high in the throat, it is best to wear under it laconic longclaw. If you have a throat cut, possible turtleneck sweater or blouse. The latter should be very minimal.

Model with short sleeves, barely covering the shoulder, it’s a very popular type of knitted dresses for the office. It will not require additional combining for calming down style. This dress is easy to wear their own, adding to it only the thin strap, business bag and feminine shoes-boats.

One of the most simple, stylish and laconic style knitted dresses for work is a smooth model moderately adjoining silhouette, knee and sleeves ¾. This dress looks amazing fashionable, it is easy to combine with different accessories. After working in a similar outfit you can go to a party even without changing the image. The advantage of such models is that they do not fit and not look comfortable and relaxed. They are absolutely open for different combinations – purchasing dress of thin smooth Jersey, you are sure to find him in everyday life.


Office and print it possible?

Can I wear to the office knitted dress with print? Certainly possible, but only if he is not a flower, not a psychedelic and very neat. Welcome subtle geometric prints, stripes, which, moreover, are very relevant in worldly fashion. When buying a knit dress with a picture you should stick to the balance of colors, choosing not more than three or those that do not attract too much attention.

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