трикотажное платьеWhen it is getting cold, you look in your closet and get out stylish things that not only help you look fashionable, but at the same time will warm you. Good choice of accommodation – knitted dress. This is not only a warm garment, it can give you a stylish and attractive appearance.

You need to remember when choosing knitted dress:

  • If you have quite a large figure. Avoid dresses of thick yarn. Do not buy a dress with a horizontal pattern. Choose knitted dresses from soft materials, preferably dense.
  • If you have a petite figure. Avoid too free dresses. Choose knitted dresses that good on you sit. You can buy a dress with horizontal or diagonal pattern. Knitted dress with a collar-collar or with cut-boat will be a wonderful choice.


Options knitted dresses

Before you buy knitted dress, it is very important that you know how to wear it. The market has a wide variety of knitted dresses. They come in different lengths, with different pictures, different colors and styles. It often happens that women are the most beautiful knitted dresses incorrectly and so strange and ugly, completely nullifying all the charm of knitted dresses. Not to make mistakes. Experiment, she tried on several knitted dresses.


Sweater dress

If you want to look unusual and stylish, try sweater dress. Such knitted dress will give you a very feminine look. You can wear a sweater dress with heels boots to give it a magnificent view.


Knitted dress with a deep neckline

Knitted dress with a deep neckline looks very attractive. It can be worn with a beautiful scarf. Even if you put on last year’s knitted dress, it can be revived with the help of new accessories, giving it a completely different look. To look stylish, the need to buy a new dress every year. You just need to know how to wear it.


Everyday way

If you want to create a casual way, knitted dress is perfect. If you plan to spend the day with family or friends, knitted dress will provide you exceptional comfort and at the same time will give you a stylish look. Creating daily free way, do not overload dress heavy accessories. You can wear a sweater dress with colored leggings. They not only provide comfort but also accentuate your femininity. You can also wear a sweater dress with warm gaiters or socks.


Smart image

If you intend to experiment with knitted dress to look elegant and attractive, choose a dress with open shoulder collar-collar or dress hanging from his shoulder. This dress will make you look elegant. Knitted dress bright colors will look after you. Enhance the image of a stylish handbag-purse, stylish boots or shoes-boats. You can wear a knitted dress with a wide leather belt, black stockings and shoes on high heels. This will be perfect in the evening.


Business image

While at work, you can look attractive, style and elegance in his knitted dress. Wear knitted dress with a wide belt. You can make your office dress much more interesting with the help of such accessories as a stylish bag, court shoes, boots and leggings. In the office you can wear knitted dress classic colors (black, brown, and so on).


Bilateral Jersey

Bilateral Jersey – strong, thick and can look quite business-like. Today’s bilateral Jersey is not hard shiny material, as it was in the 1970s, and a good, quality knitwear made of modern synthetic and even wool. Dress of bilateral Jersey can be heavy and not suitable for the warm time of year, but in cold it will warm you and will look beautiful and business-like. Wool dress two-way binding is useful for three seasons. It is ideal for business trips.


Jersey “gum”

Dress from Jersey “gum” comfortable to wear in cold weather. In combination with thick tights and boots or tight leggings, it can warm you in the cold days. These dresses should have the easiest fit with a minimum number of details to drape and to sit on the figure. Volume mating can add weight to your body, but more lightweight jumper “in gum” will fit any type of shape. If your work does not allow you to wear clothes in a very free style, this dress is better to wear in the day or evening.

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