трикотажные платья 2014Knitted dresses is one of the main items of clothing in cold time of the year. And in 2014, any girl or woman wants to have beautiful and cozy knit dress because it is very popular and timeless piece of clothing, giving the image of elegance and comfort. This season, many brands and designers offer knitted dresses 2014 different length, style, style and from different materials.

Mainly in 2014 prevail knitted dresses medium length. Many trade house offered a dress made of cotton, wool and cashmere, beautiful and comfortable. This season in the fashion knitted dresses of different colors: hot pink, mustard, orange, light-blue, red, emerald green and violet. Also in fashion pastel colors. Don’t forget about different figures, beginning with geometric prints and ending with the prints in the form of animal skins and jacquard pattern.

In 2014 actual knitted dresses very different styles – tunics, dresses, sweaters and dresses classic styles. If in past seasons were in fashion simple dress, this season in the fashion of different details that decorate the dress: pockets, leather inserts, collars, brooches, pearls.

What to wear knitted dresses? They are ideally look great with blankets, coats, jackets and blazers clear forms. If we talk about shoes, you can wear them with boots for middle and high heels and boots with the fur. Knitted dresses medium length you can always carry with narrow trousers or legwinski and high boots.


How to wear knitted dresses in winter

You can try many warm knitted dresses, experimenting with this garment. In 2014 among winter knitted dresses can be short and long, which can be worn with a coat or jacket. Color knitted dress should approach other items of clothing that you wear to decorate the entire image, not to contradict him. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to choose a dress nice, calm tones, not to create risky combinations.


Knitted dresses of different length

If to speak about the purpose knitted dresses and various styles, not to say a few words about its length. In General, for any item of clothing length is the main component of style. This certainly applies to knitted dresses. So, knitted dress knee-length or short – most practical dress casual style, which goes best with stockings or skinny jeans. Colors and shades are limited only by your imagination. As for the more long knitted dresses, such variants are more feminine. They especially look good on a slender girls are a wonderful way better to emphasize the dignity of their figure.


How to wear knitted dresses in the summer

Knitted dresses 2014 created not only in order to warm you up on a cold winter day. Other options knitted dresses, more intricate and relaxed, perfect to wear them on the beach over a swimsuit. But summer knitted dresses are great, not only as beachwear. They can be worn summer days, if you are a lover of romantic Bohemian style. Wear summer knit dress with a knitted boots, cute headwear and accessories in Bohemian style and you will look like a dream.


Ten knitted dresses that it is necessary to try in 2014

  • White dress relief binding. This dress is to choose one or two sizes, so it is not too stretched around the figure and you are comfortable to wear. The best length – mini or MIDI.
  • Free dress chunky. Dress this style, though, and is a classic, looks so fashionable that could be part of any modern ensemble in the most recent fashion trends. It is the perfect choice for leisure or free evenings.
  • Knitted dress in stock. Dress medium length in grey and black colours and perfect for the job. It can be worn with elegant jackets, leather biker jacket or cardigan.
  • Wide knitted dress in a narrow strip. This is the a-line dresses with sleeves medium-length – wonderful summer version dresses of cotton Jersey in casual style. It is ideal for the more casual business dress-code and free time.
  • Striped dress without sleeves in pastel colours. This is a perfect example of a dress that can be worn during the day, in the office and in the evening, as cocktail dresses. This dress does not even need a belt, as it has a knitted belt, beautifully accentuate the waist.
  • Winter knitted dress. It is hard to imagine best option winter knitted dresses. If it is red, it is perfect for the Christmas holidays. More discreet suitable for office work. If you wear this dress with a pair of fashionable shoes or boots, it will turn into a dress in a casual style and its comfortable style is suitable for almost any type of figure.
  • Daily free winter sweater dress. This is a free dress, of course, ideal for a less formal environment and entertainment.
  • Knitted dress with graphical images. This is just the perfect dress. You can wear it at any time, in any situation and will look into it perfectly. This dress will fit any type of shape and will go well with a variety of accessories and outer clothing. Best of all, you don’t even have to carefully select the accessories for this dress because of its graphic looks fun and quite elegant and of itself makes a great impression.
  • A simple black knitted dress. This dress is ideal for those who love to decorate and to beat her outfit at their discretion. It is like a black canvas on which to paint any picture.
  • Knitted dress with low waist. This is a great knitted dress that can be worn anywhere and anytime. It is modern, it is never out of fashion, has a retro-chic looks youth and you can decorate any accessories. It has everything you need knitted dress.

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