вязаные женские кардиганыKnitted women cardigan is a very comfortable piece of clothing that can be worn in cool weather. But to look at it elegantly, it is necessary to consider features of the figure.


If you have full hips

Choose: Cardigan, which ends just above the hips or just below them, but not at the widest part of your hips. If you choose a long cardigan, prefer loosely draped style with asymmetrical or rounded hem, which will look better than a straight line across the hips.

Avoid: Short cardigans. Also see that the cardigan was not extended at the hips.


If you have broad shoulders

Choose decorative items (for example, placket with ruffles or embroidered with beads)to distract the eye from the shoulders. Thin knitted cardigan, skinny figure, up to the waist or hips, creates the shape of an hourglass, not a rectangular silhouette.

Avoid: Cut-boats, a wide round neckline, as well as epaulettes: this emphasizes the width of the shoulders.


If you have a large bust

Select: a V-shaped cut-outs. Diagonal lines create the effect of harmony, but the buttons are low, so this cut is less snugly over the chest. To emphasize the torso, choose a thin Jersey knit, sitting on the figure.

Avoid: Round shallow cut, chunky knit, as well as details on the chest and wide sleeves. They visually enhance the upper body.


If you have a tummy

Choose from Cardigans straight cut, unlike styles with an overlap, which create volume around the waist. Choose the length that completely covers the middle part of the figure.

Avoid: Belts, and anything that draws attention to the waist. Short cardigans make the shape of a square.


How to look stylish knitted cardigan

Cardigans are very popular clothes for autumn and even winter. In them warmly, but in addition, knitted cardigans also be able to create a stylish image, or you can destroy it. Fortunately, many brands and designers today released cardigans of different styles, so it is easy to choose the right cardigan, without making fashion mistakes.

If you know what to wear cardigan, you will easily create a stylish image. Of course, cardigans of different styles to create different styles. So take some tips that will help you to wear a knitted cardigan and look at it stylishly.

  • Free knitted cardigan and shorts

Such voluminous cardigan, size is too big, should look as if he man’s shoulder. Despite the size and style of the cardigan, it has something that gives it a sexy look. These cardigans are perfect for a cozy weekend, when you wear them with shorts. The balance between a fully closed top and open legs makes the whole ensemble chic.

  • Knitted cardigan with belt

Because cardigans are often free flowing style, they are most likely to cover your form, and do not emphasize them. If you want to look elegant knitted cardigan, and at the same time to emphasize her beautiful figure, the best way is to wear the cardigan with the dress. No matter what you wear under cardigan, put on his belt, and it will accentuate your shape.

  • Cardigan with other basic things wardrobe

Knitted cardigans are often in the fall, because they will be neither hot nor cold. However, if you want to wear a cardigan in the winter, you can try to add some winter things. The scarf keeps you warm in cold weather. You can also wear a cardigan under your coat to keep you warm in cold winter.

  • Buttoned cardigan

If you have knitted cardigan with buttons with round neckline, try to wear it on a shirt with a collar, and fully closing. This will create an elegant image, suitable for work and study. If you want to create an image in the style of “casual chic”, choose a cardigan with V-neck, and wear it not with a shirt and a t-shirt or undershirt.

  • Wear a normal t-shirt and jeans with a bright cardigan

Knitted cardigans come in different colors and with different patterns. Choose your favorite bright color or pattern that you like. If you are not ready for a bold way to wear over a bright t-shirt cardigan muted shades, such as beige or black.

  • Using the belt can instantly update any look

Belts are versatile accessories that will make a stylish cardigan. Choose a wide elastic waistband right color, bright or thin strap.

  • Give regular turtleneck stylish look by wearing it with a cardigan sleeveless

Choose a long cardigan and wear it unbuttoned to the turtleneck was visible. Complete your look by wearing long layered necklaces and skinny jeans to create an image in the style of “rock chic”.

  • Pin to the collar cardigan stylish bow to update the image

Choose a bow that combines with the color of the cardigan, for example, a purple bow to the emerald green cardigan, or a large black flower white cardigan. Instead of a bow can be worn traditional pearl necklace, or pin to the cardigan brooch or badge.

  • On the beach you can throw a cardigan on top swimsuit

Choose a long white cardigan with ¾ sleeves and put on your favorite swimsuit. Preferably cardigan, knitted, cotton or flax.

  • Create a classic image, wearing short knitted cardigan up to the waist with a dress a-line

Cardigan wearing unbuttoned, or pin in the centre of cardigan your favorite brooch to go to a wedding, party or other event. In cool weather knitted cardigan can casually throw on the shoulders, loosely tying the sleeves around his neck.

  • Wear knitted cardigan instead of suiting blazer

Suit trousers with a white starched shirt will look well with a cardigan worn over a shirt. Straighten the collar of the shirt on top of the neckline of the cardigan, and in order to create a bit masculine, but at the same time chic office the way, wear a shirt with double French cuffs.

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