вязаные шарфыKnitted scarf – not just an accessory for the autumn-winter season. In its simplicity and some of provinciality image, which was characteristic of him, lie fashion traditions of the past years and the special feeling of comfort and warmth. For the sake of these two characteristics knitted scarves become people of different ages, which followed in everyday life of various styles. Fortunately for them, modern fashion is no longer so strict to him, and the scarves of knitted or hand-knitted are an essential complement current styles, repeatedly demonstrated at the world podiums.

History crocheted scarf

Knitted clothes people wear for many centuries and even millennia. For a long time knitted scarf was the role of the second plan, among other things, clothing and accessories. Such materials as silk, brocade, jacquard, cashmere always had an advantage. Thin and weightless scarves, embroidered with gold threads, floral patterns, images of strange birds, ethnic motifs and other symbols cost a lot of money. Emperors and wealthy people are ordering from abroad to their wives on which such scarves looked no less luxurious than the decoration with precious stones. Knitted scarves then remained the lot of the common people, who could not afford expensive fabrics and yarn.

вязаные шарфыDespite the fact that the history of the scarf started back in the days of Ancient China, people mastered knitting too many years ago, knitted scarves, that we know and love today, and that accompany us every autumn and winter, entered into a mass fashion is not so long ago. About the middle of the 20th century people wearing scarves and shawls, woven from cashmere, models of silk, while knitted scarves (handmade) were those who could not afford expensive accessories.

A new era for these accessories, came in the seventies of the last century. This happened in women and in men’s fashion. After a bright and original fashion sixties with its clean lines, strict forms, concise cut and a tendency to mini hippie era and style casual and with them came fascination with natural materials and knitting. Flowering subculture «football hooligans» in the UK has prompted manufacturers of sports clothing and equipment to produce knitted scarves team merchandise.

Women fashion knitted scarves started from the podium, when a French lady Sonia Rykiel and Italian brand Missoni demonstrated to the world of fashion, as far as can be stylish Jersey. Women’s magazines those years rarely passed without schemes for knitting scarves or kits and a hat and gloves or mittens, and the adepts of street fashion кутали nose colored thick long scarves striped with textured patterns, pigtails, вывязанными flowers or knots.

Fashion history

вязаные шарфыHistory of knitted scarves in fashion pret-a-porter began approximately from the late sixties of the last century. It was the time of active hippie movement, which subdued fashion, to try to bring her back to nature. With the filing of these trendsetters, a wave of popularity of clothes from natural materials, with floral motifs and manually related products, among which were scarves.

At the same time knitting has become one of the favorite female passion. Italian brand Missoni began producing knitted collection, allowing knitted clothes become a full-fledged обитательницей ежесезонных fashion weeks. In the seventies, when the free market was a variety of publications for manual knitting, women themselves hauled their scarves, creating a long, wide, heavy models lace knitted with brushes, as well as multi-colored scarves.

To the eighties sufficiently developed technology binding machine that allowed women to save time, buying ready-made knitted scarves of different styles. In the new Millennium, when came into Vogue hippie-chic, and it became a tradition to decorate clothes and interior of the house in country style, with its cosy rustic spirit, knitted things remembered. And not just those that have the status of knitwear, but of those that fit the definition of «out of Granny’s closet». Women are once again began to knit or buy scarves and shawls resemble the model design of thirty years ago, lace knitting, volumetric texture of the product, which they gladly began to combine with all styles of clothes.

Modern fashion, fortunately, allows wearing knitted scarves not only with similar style parts of clothing. They can be worn as in autumn-winter season, which does not cause problems, and in spring-summer, when the weather is cold, choosing a scarf of fine yarn. Knitted scarf looks perfect with the upper clothing, as well as dresses of any length, with jackets and jackets.

Knitted scarf in modern fashion

вязаные шарфыIn modern fashion designers continually look back in the seventies, by providing models of knitted scarves, if preserved from those times. On the podium and in magazines on knitting, you can see the different versions, both long and very short, very narrow and rich big scarves that can serve as a coat or jacket. One of the most popular with fashion designers remains LICs – knitted scarf-collar, which is a closed ring. Its brevity and simplicity wearing allow it to be extremely flexible and combined with mass outfits in different styles.

LICs so much that his mimic the traditional scarves tied a tight ring around the neck a few times. Combine LICs can be with leather jackets, драповыми coat, raincoats and even with evening dresses. This style scarf found most fans among young people, whereas the traditional crocheted scarf medium length and width of wide and heavy stole more fans of the older generations, the representatives of which with success wear them in the framework of an elegant, business, feminine or everyday, casual style.

Knitted scarves are truly versatile piece of clothing, accessory for men and women capable of making a more vivid and individual most trivial outfit. It can be worn together with a jacket or blazer, preferring the more smooth models of fine knitwear, monophonic and no decorative elements. A wide scarf wonderful play the role of a hood or hats in the cold season. Especially stylish looks combination of short jackets and surround scarf relaxing neutral colours (grey, beige, white).

Knitted scarf can be combined as with contrasting the article of clothing (jacket leather, exquisite gown of noble material), and related to him viscous. Originally looks combination scarf and cardigan or dresses-sweaters, who allegedly are the subjects of one set, coinciding with a scarf both color and texture.

Styles knitted scarves

вязаные шарфыClassic knitted scarf has an average width and length. He did not dragging on the ground, it can be freely establish, leaving the ends of the breast, and it will not cause extra volume in the upper part of the body. Such a scarf can be smooth knitted, many-colored, striped, monophonic – its simplicity allows it to different versions of the design and color combinations. It can also be regarded as a prototype, which branch off other options.

Scarf can be very long, going down to the knees and below, or very short. With the return of fashion on grunge and multi-layered, gained popularity scarves wrapped around the neck and the ends of their hiding. But to achieve this effect, not necessarily wrapping long scarf around the neck several times, you can buy actual scarf-pipe or LICs.

LIC – scarf-collar, which is put on the neck and, if necessary, turns «eight». But you can wear it not spinning, choosing a model that is more like the width and volume. In addition to carrying on the neck LICs can be worn like a hood, wearing on his head. Thus, this scarf is a universal, without requiring caps, which is very important in the cold season.

вязаные шарфыPalantin is a very wide scarf, which can be both volume and thin and sleek. Knitted tippet is becoming indispensable for evening walks, it can carry, and when it is cooler, just throw in the shoulders, and you don’t need a sweater or jacket.

For quite a long time in fashion scarves or shawls-arafatki, which are tied in such a way that area remains front, closing the chest area. Used to put on a cotton scarves or bright silk scarves-caret but soon a similar way also moved towards crochet models. Now we can take a rectangular knitted tippet to the small size of the fine or the average thickness of the yarn, and put it in the manner of arafatki.

The scarves, even knitted, there is not only warming function – they can remain solely decorative detail and simply to decorate outfit. For example, if you want to stand out, you can wear a dress with long and thin knitted scarf, which will be the focus of the image. A very popular variety of decorative elements that are inherent in Jersey – POM-poms, tassels, fringes. And if they had worn only by a certain age, you can now afford plenty of fun, experimenting with my own style, which can be decorated with a hat and scarf with a funny pattern and large POM-POM, just like in my childhood.

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