трикотажная туникаTunics made of knitted fabrics can be masked under different names. All known sweater dress, sleeveless jacket or vest, dress, and all of this can be knitted tunic, which is a piece of clothing with elongated lower part and a variety of variants of the bodice. The cut, the degree of expressiveness of the decor, fabrics density almost have no meaning. Knitted tunic takes different forms, adapting to a multitude of styles, from business to a relaxing youth.

The tunic is known as the item summer wardrobe. The lightest chiffon tunic will be in fashion Arsenal almost any woman, whether tunic for the beach, evening or to be worn every day. Next to them their place found and tunics of knitted fabrics, thin or heavy, smooth or figured. Tunics homemade knitted popular among women, who prefer the comfort and warmth in a relaxed atmosphere at home. This does not mean that such things can not fit in more stringent styles. Model Tunick Jersey will allow you to complete your office style in the cold season, if the design does not contradict established the dress code. If you sew knit tunic, you can independently choose its design and the degree of openness.

There are many models of knitted tunics.


Tunic without sleeves of fine knitwear

These tunic perfectly worn in cold weather. You need to choose a fabric that lets users securely to experiment with overlap and draperies. Best to pick up the tunic of solid materials, but if there are some problems with the figure, it is better to buy the knitted tunic with printed pattern.

Knitted dress tunic with a bodice in the Greek style or design of the upper part of the American armhole, could complement casual style in warm days, if the bottom underneath the t-shirt or fitted top of spandex. If the lower clothing is print, interesting inscription you do not want to hide under the tunic, choose a model with a very deep neckline, with extremely deep collar-collar. But in this case, at the bottom of the top there should be an open throat, attracting attention.

If the upper area does not imply an open cleavage, and is executed in the style of a traditional shirts with short sleeves and a small rounded throat cut, this tunic can be used almost in any top or shirt. They do not have to be tight, but we have to monitor the balance in the design of the two components. Down you can wear suitsat printed on the sleeves, for example, strip, feminine blouse with sleeves. For women in the interesting position or stout ladies who want to hide the stomach and curvy hips, there are some very simple tunic without sleeves, similar to tunics, very spacious, trapezoid, with pockets. Such well-suited to wear home.

What to wear knitted tunic, depends on its length. Down will come skinny jeans or straight, leather leggings, pencil skirts. In the summer of adherents hippy style can wear knitted tunic, for example, from viscose, with long, wide pleated skirt, provided that the tunic is made of Jersey quite restrained decoration.


Dress-Jersey tunic long sleeve

Dresses with long sleeves are very popular in any season, especially in autumn and winter. Knitted tunic long sleeve be the perfect replacement to traditional dresses with extended skirt. The difference between the tunic and dress almost impossible to find, and do not need, so if you are interested in knitted tunic, Internet-shop, which offers knitted dresses, will help you to find the right model.

Knitted dresses-tunic long sleeve good as in monochromatic soft and pastel shades and with a variety of patterns. For winter good as never traditional Scandinavian prints, ornaments with the image of animals in the upper part and on the hem and cuffs. The classic version of such outfits: the camel, mild milk or anthracite shades. Especially luxurious similar knitted tunic look at the smooth binding of yarns with the inclusion of cashmere.

Dress tunic long sleeve usually fairly short, so you need to choose the optimal bottom. The tunic is made of smooth plain Jersey calm tone will suit narrow or moderately long flared skirt. Other options: Matt thick tights with high boots, dark leggings with sneakers on the platform, cropped pants adjacent cut with loperamid or clipname.


Knitted tunic with his hands

Knitted women’s tunic not necessarily bought in the store. If desired, you can make such a tunic yourself, knit or link. Openwork tunic Jersey with his hands quickly vysasyvaya hook. It is preferable spokes, because the pattern is obtained more interesting, with a hook easier to decorate the area cuffs and throat cut. This tunic then you can wear to the beach, putting on a suit, on vacation for a walk, if worn down bodily or contrasting dark or bright adjacent Mike-the-top. To get rid of the need to hide the nakedness, knit front strip tightly, leaving laced sleeves and neckline.

Don’t want to waste time on long vyvazhivanii summer top or dress? Sew tunic of Jersey. To make such a tunic necessary thin Jersey, which treated and does not run in different directions, if the fabric is cut. The fabric should be soft, delicate, moderately dense. The length of knitted piece must not exceed two body coverage and width, which will become a long tunic, choose yourself.

You need just one piece of cloth, which will only need to sew straps of the necessary length and width of the top corners of a rectangular piece of Jersey by type ears. Prepared fabric sewn with straps in the form of loops get back prislista to the buttocks. Keep it right for straps with both hands, then the strap that you hold your right hand, put on his left shoulder, and that of the left – on the right. Your tunic ready. To be sure, commit, you can use the strap waist.

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