вязаниеWho said that knitting is not in fashion today, what is the lesson for Housewives or old maids. Nowadays you can find a great number of young girls who cleverly deal with the wires, possibly thanks to a special cafe for fans of knitting.

Leave your prejudices. For the past few years knitted clothing can be seen on the streets and on the catwalks during fashion show of Haute couture.


Knitting for all

The creators of the collections like wool and knitted items. Fashion models parade down the runway in knit dresses, candid and original outfits. Annually every winter knitted things are widely represented in the collections of pret-a-porter. Designers, representatives of major brands and publishing of training manuals represent new trends, relevant and available to all models. For example, Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Week in Milan presented its winter collection of knitted things.

Knitting is always productive, creative process that delivers real pleasure. When you knit your own accessories, clothes and even elements, you create unique, authentic and really personal things. For example, an original sweater that you will not find anywhere else.

The term “knitting” very often mean things that are made not only knitting, but also crochet. Hook you can perform completely different patterns, what is amigurumi or in other words the technique of knitting toys.

Lazy can knit without needles, just fingers. If you are interested in this technique, on the Internet you can find a master-class in pictures or on video. Why not experiment?

Melange and natural colors, excellent material: 100% Merino, Alpaca, beige, brown, gray, black, white, and delicate melange… as for the patterns, in the Scottish plaid, stripes and houndstooth or otherwise also called the broken cage.


Fashion trends in knitting

Some fashion designers winter collection consist of 40% of knitted goods, while the collection of Veronique Leroy for 70% of knitted garments (sweaters, skirts, jackets, zippers, coats and dresses) in combination with other materials such as cotton and even tulle.

Currently knitting is synonymous with glamour, it is about the question of style, quality and convenience. Knitted things are carried out in accordance with the wishes of the women. Major brands and workshops-Atelier closely cooperate with experts on knitting. There are four styles how to wear and combine knit garments.

  • The trend of “travel” built in the exotic style of the “hippie”, combining floral and geometric patterns. For example, the image in the style of “gyp-set”, colored knitted sweater, scarf-necklace in cashmere and “Cossacks”.
  • The tendency to “pop” – the art of combining ethnic patterns, flowers and crazy colors.
  • Trend 3 – D knitted items have undergone various transformations: amazing volume, shape shoulders like jackets, finish leather, lace openwork. In this case, the addition to the knitted jacket or sweater would be a skirt or pants made of crepe or muslin.
  • The trend of “sensual image” is a symbol of women’s emancipation. Strip gently flowing silhouette, a mute suspenders sexy charm bodycon knitted dress.

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