косметика KaneboJapan has long ceased to be a closed country, but to this day she cares the minds of Europeans. And popular Japanese cosmetics, no less than modern Japanese or Japanese cars. Cosmetics, Kanebo is a combination of original ingredients with the most advanced technologies. The result of this Union can not be bad: cosmetic products of this brand are excellent quality.


The history of the brand

история косметики KaneboCosmetics brand Kanebo is one of the most famous not only in Japan but also far beyond the Country of the Rising Sun. And this story began in the late XIX century, in 1887, when Japan opened a small factory of fabrics. Hardly someone could assume that the modest production of fabrics made of cotton transformed with time in the cosmetics company whose products is desired by many women all over the world.

Long enough company Tokyo Cotton Trading Company (that was the name at the dawn of its existence, the company Kanebo) was engaged in the production of fabrics made of cotton, later the range has expanded at the expense of silk fabrics. And suddenly, quite unexpectedly for buyers, in 1936, the company issued a unique soap Kanebo Silk Soap. From all other varieties on the market soap is a new product differed a new ingredient – oil derived from silkworm larvae. Despite the fact that the soap was much more expensive than other varieties, exotic new runaway success, especially when Japanese beauties are convinced of their own experience in its influence on the skin.

A few years before the events of the managers of the factory have noticed that the skin of the workers engaged in the production of fabrics from silk, has a surprising tenderness and smoothness. After examining this issue, the factory experts came to the conclusion that silk threads are beneficial to the skin condition. Some time was spent to develop technology for the production of cosmetics based on the oil from the silkworm. And soon, in addition to the soap based on silk protein, the company’s specialists have developed a line of cosmetics.


The company today

Today, the company Kanebo employs many specialists. In the laboratories of the company tested new ingredients, new technologies are invented, sought the optimal combination of components designed to improve skin status, tighten facial contours, helping to catch up and detain rapidly leaving youth.

Kanebo offers many cosmetic lines for different skin types: young or aging, dry or sensitive, oily or problematic. Not forgotten, and decorative cosmetics. There is such cosmetics cheap, but its quality is also at altitude, as the quality of all Japanese products.


Decorative cosmetics

декоративная косметика KaneboIn the production of decorative cosmetics company Kanebo cares about the beauty of their clients in the long term. Foundation and lipstick, mascara, and shadow, pencils and blush not only allow you to “paint the beauty”, but also care about the skin, improving its condition. So, for women with Mature skin were created by anti-aging line of cosmetics with collagen. After application of such funds, the skin becomes more youthful, fresh and firm. The age-old dream comes true women: makeup not only covers up the flaws, but also solves the problem.

For young skin specialists also Kanebo has developed a special line of decorative cosmetics in a spectacular packages. Here the emphasis is on color gamut: only the most fashionable colors and most current colors Japanese company offers to young clients.

Decorative cosmetics from Kanebo distinguished by ease of use. For example, resistant mascara Kanebo Sensai Mascara 38 ° C is washed off with plain water (a temperature of 38 degrees, which unambiguously specifies the name of the tool). Then there is no need to use any oils or lotions, simply wash with warm water. At the same time, tears or wind this mascara does not flow, will stay on the eyelashes without causing discomfort.


Anti-aging care

линия Kanebo SensaiNo matter how good decorative tools from Kanebo, but the most popular cosmetic products that this company offers face care, in particular for anti aging. Their effectiveness is undeniable, and this means that their popularity will not be a temporary phenomenon.

The famous line Kanebo Sensai designed for aging skin. In Japanese Sensai means “delicate, sensitive, gentle”. The melting texture of this series means fully consistent with the title. Silk proteins and other natural ingredients (for example, known for its anti-aging properties of the extract of Japanese hawthorn) successfully slow down the aging process, restoring the skin to its former youth.

косметика Kanebo SensaiKanebo Sensai gently cares for the skin. This brand is the popular because of its magical effects on the skin. For the production of cosmetics is used the best, most expensive silk. It is similar with human skin, the molecular composition. Technology company Kanebo allow to dissolve silk, and as a result it is easily absorbed by the skin and moisturizes it better than any other means. “Silk” cosmetics available for different skin types, but its main action is rejuvenating. At the same time a means to deeply hydrate the skin, protect and seal it.

Unlike many manufacturers of luxury cosmetics company Kanebo pays minimal attention to the packaging of products. That means shelling out the big bucks for a cream or serum, buyers do not pay for beautiful boxes and jars, and for cosmetic effect. The packaging is decorated in the style of Japanese minimalism – they look attractive, but simple.

Today, as a result of rebranding the name of the most popular series Kanebo Sensai is used for all cosmetics of this firm, including decorative. Cleansing, whitening, moisturizing and nourishing products Kanebo Sensai can be designed for different skin types, but in any case they give the skin an amazing softness, tenderness and inner glow of youth.

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