The pedicure has a positive effect on all organs, because in the feet there are points that are responsible for the work of all organs. After the pedicure foot skin begins to breathe better, because during the procedure the feet, along with the caked areas would like, relieve fatigue and sores. After a pedicure, even to step on the feet becomes easier. Well-groomed feet are less tired because they improves blood circulation. A regular pedicure is needed in order to improve the work of all organs. Most have rough skin plump ladies, as well as those who have dry skin and they are on my feet all day. This is what women need regular pedicure, otherwise the heels are formed painful cracks, get rid of them will be very difficult.
Модный педикюр – залог уверенного поведения женщины4
A considerable role plays and shoes. It, first and foremost, you need to choose the right shop AllShoes, in order to continue to avoid leg problems. Improper shoes can cause calluses and more rapid thickening of the skin. Therefore, do not deprive her attention.
Как делать обрезной педикюр в домашних условиях?
For those who don’t like to visit salons, pedicure can be easily done at home. It requires a fine-grained sanding nail file for toe, in fact it is best coarse cleans the skin and does not injure the legs. Still need softening cream and the tub with warm water. This procedure will take only fifteen minutes, but the result will be no worse than the salon treatment. And by the way, the legs without the need for stew. Meaning of pedicure with feet steaming lies in the fact that the legs need to steam and when removing coarse skin, it is easy to injure the foot. Of course, the skin on the feet will be smooth, but only for a day or two. Then she again start to harden quickly. So this kind of pedicure is dangerous to do. For him to go to a salon.
Как делать обрезной педикюр в домашних условиях?2
And now more details about “home method”. Feet should be well spread with cream with moisturizing and soothing effect. Suited cream with extracts of chamomile and evening primrose. You should wait until the skin will absorb the cream, and then, with a wet nail file to do pilling for toe. A nail file should always be moistened with water. And Yes, already a few minutes coarse skin starts to disappear from the feet.After that, the legs need to hold in your chamomile rinse, wipe dry and then apply moisturizer. Changes are already noticeable after the first procedure.
The secret: every time after a shower you can take this nail file on the heels. Then the legs will always look well groomed.

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