LacosteWhat does the fashionable French brand Lacoste? C crocodile and Polo shirts – this will tell even people far removed from fashion. Such recognition is expensive, aiming for, but few reach even close to Lacoste status. The face of this brand remains the same, no change his philosophy, but continues to expand the range of goods, which is growing and the number of fans of this convenient fashion with a sporty temperament and variety of style decisions.


In search of facilities

This merging of the image of sports shirts and fashionable brand is not accidental. Rene Lacoste, which was co-founder Lacoste, in the early twentieth century was famous in France tennis player, winner of many international competitions, including the Olympic games. Rene Lacoste, like any other winner, had a powerful competitive nature, хлеставшими over the edge ambitions and desire to win. Once he drew attention to the form colleagues tennis players overseas. In the States athletes wore on the court so-called Longsleeves t – shirts, long sleeve, which hampered the normal course of the hands with the racket. Americans have not seen his form nothing discomfort, but Lacoste idea novelty in tennis costume French athletes.

In 1979, in an interview with People Lacoste confessed how he got this idea. According to him, he once saw his friend trained on the court in his Polo shirt. It looked very practical. Lacoste hired an English tailor to the hastily created for him a few items of clothing, which was to turn the region tracksuit and, as it turned out later, take a fashion revolution.


The Foundation and development of

In 1933, when Lacoste finished sports career, along with his friend Andre Housing, which was at that time the owner of knitwear production, they created a new trade маркуLa Societe ChemiseLacoste. From Lacoste, as from the main mastermind, the company received a name and logo in the form of a crocodile. As an athlete, Lacoste won a nickname for his style of play and irrepressible sports temper. The company produced the tennis shirt Polo of soft, comfortable knitwear, decorated with symbolic crocodile embroidered on the pocket on the left. A new item of clothing won the hearts of not only those who played tennis, Polo Lacoste appreciated for all those looking for fashion convenience.

For thirty years, Rene Lacoste was at the helm of the company, and only in 1963 it became manage his son Bernard, opened in the history of Lacoste new horizons. In addition to tennis shirts, Polo shirts, which continued to sweep away from counters, brand produced perfumes, fashion accessories and sports equipment.

Development on several fronts to this day is a distinctive feature of the brand Lacoste. C the one hand, for many it remains a manufacturer of high quality sportswear and other supplies, and on the other – its collections are presented on the podium during the Weeks of pret-a-porter. In its assortment you can find clothing and accessories for sports and everyday kits, beautiful dresses, fashion bags, sunglasses, shoes. This is a rare case when a company has been successfully working in different directions, without sacrificing any of them.


Preservation of traditions

In 2013, the company Lacoste celebrated its eightieth anniversary. During the existence of the concept has not changed – clothing Lacoste still practical, stylish and decorated with the same symbol of a crocodile, which was associated founder of the brand. Even perfumes, and men and women, primarily intended for everyday wear – it is easy, but has its own character, restrained and elegant, playful and romantic.

Each subsequent creative Director, creating a collection Lacoste continues to cherish the traditions established many decades ago, without sacrificing in favor of a rapid fashion. Their images are mostly minimalist, with plenty of plain gowns that can be diluted with contrasting stripes, or large graphic elements. Cut Lacoste at all its simplicity and незамысловатости hard to call artless. In the collections there are avant-garde notes, asymmetry, moderately hard lines that do not hold down movements. Goods Lacoste currently presented in more than hundred countries. Collections pret-a-porter brand shown at the Fashion Week in new York.

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