Beautiful and well – groomed hands is every woman’s dream. Hands can tell you about the age of the woman, and even about her position in life. In order that the hands were beautiful, optional to visit the expensive beauty salons and purchase a large number of cosmetic products. To care for your nails need a maximum of half an hour a day and once a week you should do a full manicure.
Цвет лака и теней – сочетать или нет?4
For fashionable and complete of the female image, you must remember and take into account many details. Color of nail Polish and makeup should be in harmony, otherwise the woman will just look ridiculous. If you want to choose and buy loose shadow makeup, before you buy be sure to think about what color of nail Polish you will combine. Pick up the nail Polish in the color of shadows is now fashionable and popular trend not only among youth, but also among women more than adults.

If you are not likely to choose the color of the varnish under makeup, you must remember a few basic rules, you will be able to guide the choice of tools:
Цвет лака и теней – сочетать или нет?3
Choose a varnish under the shade of your skin tone. Dark-skinned girls can afford any shade, light-skinned as it is preferable to acquire the Lac cool colors.

You can choose a nail Polish in the color of the clothes. But remember that it is best if it will not be identical in color and will be in harmony with him in one color.
Цвет лака и теней – сочетать или нет?
Pick up varnish to the accessories is one of the latest trends in contemporary fashion.

Цвет лака и теней – сочетать или нет?4

Color of nail Polish you can find and depending on the season. In summer, preference is given to more warm and bright colours, while in winter it is colder.
Guided by these rules, you will be able to choose the shade of varnish, which is most suitable for your look and will blend perfectly with him.

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