Girl, elegant restraint in thin fingers дымящую cigarette, this ephemeral image at all times were worried about the artists and poets. «Breathing spirits and fog» – wrote about it Block. Modern women were often Supplement their image of a cigarette, thin and fragrant.

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But even special women’s cigarettes are bad for the health of nails, the appearance of the skin on the fingers. In our time it is better to give preference to cigarettes Zmax. Believe me, your style will only benefit from this, but at the same time you save the beauty of your fingers and nails.

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Women today have to give your hands a lot more attention than did their predecessors just a few decades ago. Cosmetic technologies are offering new methods of hand care, but the demands are rising. This is especially important for the fair sex, whose hands are always on the mind. Salesmen trendy shops, makeup artists, administrators, business-lady. Their hands should always be perfect.

Леди с сигаретой

And here comes shop of electronic cigarettes near subway. You don’t have to spoil health and beautiful nails nicotine.

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The current trend of recent times is the study of the history of fashion and appeal to the stylish images of the past. Girls try to emulate the Actresses of the XXth century, imitating clothes and accessories of the epoch of the symbolists and silent movies.

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    Here are a few ways to combine harmoniously cigarette and beautiful nails:
  • Use the lacquer in dark colors, from the dark-chocolate to bluish-black. It will make you like mysterious heroine black and white movies. Can Supplement the image of appropriate hairstyle.
  • Your nails are not necessarily must be plain. Apply a cold drawing or use a fashionable technique of «grad». Symbolists do not limit your imagination, and a lady with a cigarette in the tender fingers could not afford much.
  • You can do nails very short or medium length. But not too long. First, is consistent with the style of that era, which we imitate. And secondly, with short nails cigarette looks more long and impressive.

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Article publication date: October 31, 2013

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