лазерная косметологияApplication of laser allowed a breakthrough in aesthetic cosmetology. Thanks to him became possible those kinds of appearance correction, which were not available earlier. With the development of lasers is expanded and the range of applications of laser cosmetology, which is becoming increasingly diverse. Earlier this way successfully taken out warts and обесцвечивали spots, today it is possible to remove cellulite and even to make liposuction – and all this laser cosmetology.


Development of laser cosmetology

Laser processing is the impact of the laser beam on a specific area. This can be hair, skin and its deep layers, all depends on the type of laser, the depth of his penetration and intensity of exposure.

Carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) can be called the mother of all existing types, and they still work, despite his aggressiveness. A laser beam penetrates the skin and causes evaporation of its cells, which leads to active regeneration of new cells to growth collagen-elastin fibers. Skin wrinkles.

This principle works is the basis laser peels or laser resurfacing, and it is similar to a chemical peel, but without the use of cosmetic substances. This laser treatment is mostly just for restore a youthful skin its elasticity, wrinkles, and for removing scars and stretch marks. To get the skin suffered as little as it can be used a laser of low intensity.

To get clarification of pigmentary spots and birthmarks was launched selective photothermolysis. Laser beam, which operates according to this principle, works selectively, that is, selectively, without disturbing the integrity of the skin, which does not need treatment. The laser beam is focused only on pigmented areas, thanks to which lightens age spots, broken dark hairs.

Revolution in laser cosmetology made the invention of fractional laser, in which microscopic effect on the treated area.

Fractional photothermolysis allows to solve a lot of problems, eliminating unnecessary vegetation even in the most sensitive places, removing moles, smoothing out wrinkles deep and only begin to manifest.

Modern cosmetology applies different types of lasers according to customers ‘ needs.


The possibility of laser cosmetology

  • Laser peel

Using laser peeling or grinding possible to smooth out wrinkles, leveling the skin relief, as well as to deal with these types of damage as scars and stretch marks with which to fight alternative methods are very problematic. The laser beam penetrates the epidermis and literally burns cells, but doing it very carefully, due to which the skin started regenerative processes. Cells actively updated, begins collagen-elastin skeleton is strengthening, deepening (and they are wrinkles, scars and striae) begin to improve, rising to the surface of the skin.

  • Laser hair removal

Remove unwanted vegetation laser is a popular cosmetic procedure. We must bear in mind that the blue beam can only allow a thick dark hair on vellus and bright nature, he has no influence. The laser beam affects locally only the area of the hair stem and root, destroying them. But for the first treatment to get rid of hair forever not work, because in the skin are the so-called dormant follicles, which can grow hair. Need a few session processing.

  • Laser removal of pigment spots and tattoos

Using a laser to get rid of skin pigmentation, as the natural and the artificial. In modern cosmetology rooms is most often used fractional photothermolysis, because laser then penetrates the skin to a great depth, without affecting непигментированную skin without causing her any harm. This is especially important when you need to remove small areas pigmentation, for example, young tattoos or birthmarks. Laser intelligence tattoos may need more time than removal of pigment spots, all depends on the composition, which was used during application, the number of colors. Often when you remove pigmentation applies short pulse laser.

  • Removal of vascular anomalies

The problem with the vessels are often tormented by those whose work is connected with the stay on their feet for long periods of time. There are surgical methods of treatment of vessels and remove the asterisks, but it is the laser therapy allows to quickly and effectively get rid of them. The laser beam narrows the walls of blood vessels, eliminating their visibility with the surface of the skin. But when you remove spider veins laser need to remember that the preservation of the need to prevention and healthy lifestyle. Cosmetologist eliminates the consequences, but the root cause of dilated capillaries he not be able to remove.

  • Laser liposuction

Removal of fatty deposits with the help of a laser – a relatively new word in the modern cosmetology. This is a great alternative to the standard suction or excision of fat, because the way that is much less traumatic. The laser beam penetrates into fat depots and actually melts them, the surgeon then extracts the fat through a small puncture in the skin. Thanks to the work of laser happens and natural contraction of the skin, which is impossible with the standard surgical liposuction. Another great benefit of laser liposuction – it is performed under local anaesthesia, and not under General anesthesia, which is much better tolerated in any organism.

  • Contraindications of laser cosmetology

Pregnancy and lactation, system, skin diseases, oncological diseases and disorders of nervous system, any acute fever.. Laser processing is carried out on a light skin (dark it is problematic), before it can not sunbathe, as well as after it – have to regularly use sun-protection means in the place of processing.

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