лазерная шлифовка лицаLaser resurfacing procedure is aimed at removing wrinkles and skin imperfections such as acne scars or dark spots. If you have fine lines around the eyes, mouth or forehead markings acne or after a face lift your skin has become lifeless and ceased to respond to traditional treatments, laser skin resurfacing facial – exactly what you need. However, when pronounced acne, stretch marks and very dark natural skin tone similar procedure is not recommended.


Specifics of the procedure

In laser resurfacing or peeling apply two types of laser, CO2 laser or erbium laser. Principle of laser action, regardless of its type, is to remove (evaporation) of dead cells from the surface of your skin.


Grinding with CO2 laser

This method of grinding known for a long time, carbon dioxide laser is widely used for elimination of various defects of the skin to smooth out wrinkles, wart removal, treatment of enlarged pores and so on.

Modern technology of carbon-dioxide laser resurfacing work on energy of short laser pulses (ultrampills) or long beam of the light’s influence. The recovery of the skin after laser resurfacing can take up to two weeks.


Erbium laser

This type of laser is used to remove the top layer of the epidermis and correction of small wrinkles on the face, hands, neck and chest. A significant advantage of the erbium laser is its minimal impact on the closest to the treated area tissue. However, it is worth remembering some side effects associated with use of this type of laser. Despite the fact that after erbium resurfacing of the skin recovers faster than after carbon dioxide, after erbium skin may redden, there may be bruising and swelling. Laser resurfacing dark skin is most often used it erbium laser.



If you have decided to undergo the procedure of laser resurfacing, be sure to talk with your dermatologist, is it worth to you to decide on such a procedure. The specialist will help you to choose optimal type of laser processing based on your medical condition and goals.

If you suffer from herpes or cold rash around the mouth, be sure to inform your doctor. Laser skin treatment may provoke increased response and appearance of new centers.

Before passing the procedure doctors recommend to stop the intake of dietary supplements or drugs affecting blood clotting, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E. to Refuse reception of medicines and supplements should not be less than 10 days before the procedure.

If you smoke, try to get along Proc. of nicotine within two weeks before the procedure and the same period of time afterwards. Smoking significantly slow down the recovery process.

In some cases, before resurfacing is assigned to a course of antibiotics or antiviral drugs.



Generally, laser resurfacing procedure does not require a long stay in the clinic, the Treatment of small areas is performed under local anesthesia. Some patients are encouraged to take a sedative drug, with full treatment of the surface of the face is applied General anesthesia.

Grinding hotel zone takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete processing may take about two hours. After laser resurfacing of the treated area bentoudja. A day after the procedure the skin clean and to prevent a crust, apply emollient, for example vaseline. The recovery period can take from 10 to 21 days, depending on skin condition and individual peculiarities of the organism.

The slight swelling after laser resurfacing is perfectly normal. Reduces swelling in the eye prescribe steroid preparations, he can just try to sleep on two pillows. In the first couple of days after the procedure to the treated skin areas can apply ice.

Quite often the consequences of laser resurfacing become itchy and flaky skin, it may take anywhere from 12 to 72 hours. After the skin has healed you are ready to use oil-free cosmetics to hide skin redness. Redness, usually takes place within two to three months.

After laser peeling the skin is lighter, so the first time without sunscreen wide spectrum of action is simply not enough . Try as less time spent in the sun, especially between 10 and 12 o’clock in the morning. If so, without going outside, you cannot do, wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.

Great importance has abundant moisture of the skin. If to grinding you actively tried glycolic acid or retinol And then return to them you will be able not earlier than six weeks after the procedure.


Possible complications and side effects of laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is not a panacea and, of course, not able to turn problematic skin smooth and shining, but the procedure would greatly improve the condition of skin, to give it more healthy and well-groomed.

Laser resurfacing is quite harmless, but in rare cases, there may be some complications, for example, pigmentation change, strengthening of herpes, infection, or scarring.

To avoid complications, please discuss with a specialist all the details of the procedure, let us know if you have any diseases or allergic reactions about your previous operations, if any, and about the drugs you are taking at the moment. Qualified specialist will give you all the necessary advice on skin care before and after the procedure of laser resurfacing.

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