Knitted things never go out of fashion. And to be stylish and fashionable, you can save a lot of money to buy them, and learn to knit spokes itself. For this You have to have patience and perseverance. Still, you should ascertain whether or not You are willing to devote a huge amount of free time? Because, first, nothing will not turn out, but if not rush – first thing will not wait.
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The result is directly dependent on the tools You are using. You must first select the correct needles and threads. Needles should be light and durable. They are chosen depending on the yarn. The material also differs diversity – and metal, wood and plastic. Hold some time needles in our hands. If You do not feel the inconvenience, they are suited. Knitting hands fit any thread, the main thing that they were not too thin (knitting will look like «loose»). If you can’t make a final choice, then visit the shop yarn to make sure you know all the possible options.

There are two different types of knitting – cylindrical and flat. Under a flat knitting understand the use of two spokes and one thread, for example, create scarves, sweaters and scarves. Cylindrical type – all is done using чулочных spokes, so that the underside of things get in the middle.
It is best to find an experienced teacher, or communicate with a good master via the Internet. Such a person will be able to pay Your efforts enough time to give advice and to direct the right track. If this is not possible with video tutorials and schemes will help to understand.
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The first attempts knitting You don’t exactly happy. So first knit small squares and the thread in the end do not cut. At any moment the creature can dissolve and try it first with the same thread. After a month, threads can «twist»to flatten them – смотайте thread of the skein and cook over boiling water.

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