Shiny, smooth and beautiful skin is a requirement fashion to modern girls. To get rid of excess vegetation on his feet in different ways. To go to the cabin and put a large sum of money for such a service. Convenient and available to engage waxing at home.
Shave – the most popular method, but it has pitfalls. Making mistakes, women are faced with irritation. To the procedure went smoothly and with the best result, it is necessary to apply special means. Women, who got acquainted with the products of the holy land, Israel permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation.
Депиляция ног: как избежать раздражения?3
Why is there irritation?

Along with the hair shaver partially removes the top layer of skin (epidermis). Redness is a normal reaction of the body to injury. The rapid expansion of blood vessels and increasing blood flow contributes to the healing of wounds. To get rid of such protective effect is not easy.
Every time when shaving the skin is damaged and irritated. If the radical decision on termination of hair removal are not satisfied, then you need to use the successful development of modern aesthetics.

Assist in the care of feet
Депиляция ног: как избежать раздражения?2
Israeli professionals have created effective preparations for care of face and body. Their gel before and after depilation prevents women from worrying about the possible negative effects after the procedure.

Once on the skin, tool, adversely affects the hair follicle. Eventually, the hairs become thinner, lighter and fall. The constant use of the gel first leads to a marked slowdown in the growth of vegetation. After some time the hair is no longer appear.
A pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect of the gel will make depilation comfortable for every woman.

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