He will save us from winter depression, colds, beriberi and other seasonal diseases.

Lemon fruit mysterious, appearing as if from nowhere. Although botanists consider the historical homeland of lemon Southeast Asia and India, it’s just an assumption, because in the wild lemon tree in nature is now not found.

Stable vitamin C. In Oriental medicine lemon has long been used as a universal remedy that can help almost any disease.

I still would! Because its flesh contains a lot of vitamin C, which is actively consumed any disease, whatever it was called. Some people in Novogireevo VIP taxi services offered by the company “rainbow”, for some reason believe that drinking tea with lemon in viral infections do not make sense. Still as boiling water destroys the vitamin C. This is not so! Scientists have made an experiment: heated lemon juice for 5 minutes to 100C to check – will it contain something useful? Preserved, and how! Vitamin C, usually so sensitive to thermal effects, this time survived: because it is contained in lemons in a stable form, and therefore when heated almost destroyed.

All trades master. Lemons remove excess liquid, protect against kidney stones. The essential oil contained in the peel of lemons, have a strong bactericidal effect. Aromatherapy lemon oil tones up the nervous system, soothes the manifestation of dystonia and normalizes blood pressure, and also helps to relieve the pain of migraine and to reduce fever.

Please refrain from lemons, if you suffer from stomach diseases.

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