сундучок «Худеем за неделю» от «Леовит»

The program “Leovit – Lose weight in a week” is the development of the Russian company, which is the largest producer of clinical nutrition, dietary supplements and vitamin complexes. Set menu for up to 5 days, particularly popular after the packaging of goods began to appear slim beauty Ksenia Sobchak. According to the statement of creators, their diet briefcase contains a full set for power slimming made from organic prepared foods without artificial dyes and other chemical additives. As they say, just add water – and food is ready!

The composition program “Lose weight in a week” off “Leovit”

Weight reduction will begin with the purification of the body clear of toxins, waste and simultaneously ensure its supply of important minerals and vitamins. Along with this will be drastically reduced calorie intake, so for a week you may well be able to achieve weight loss to get into a party dress or to freshen up after a holiday in the resort, where there was a feast buffet. Balanced menu for 5 days and the other 2 days is proposed to protein and vegetable diet. In the kit you will find:

  1. Soups are easily digested and, despite the small serving size, quickly lead to saturation. Their several kinds, and if the composition of some of the soup are not happy, you can pick up another menu option.
  2. Cereals mainly of oatmeal and buckwheat are offered for Breakfast and lunch as a side dish. They are enriched supplements from fruits and vegetables. Main dishes in different ways diet can be in the form of rice, mashed potatoes, noodles.
  3. Bars are a great dessert for a snack. Delicacy is a mixture of granola and dried fruit. Tasty, useful, improves digestion, prevents the feeling of hunger.
  4. The jelly has a pleasant taste, is a source of vitamins, provides a feeling of satiety, has beneficial effects on the digestive tract, facilitating its purification.
  5. Compote “Pogodin” his name immediately declares his qualities. There is a drink in almost all menus in one way or another components.
  6. Tea supplemented gyrosigma and cleansing complex. The taste is no different from traditional drink, so you can expect unpleasant taste or aroma.
  7. Coffee cappuccino like all losing weight. Why, because he gives a good mood and vitality, helps keep the appetite under control, and at the same time gently rids the body of excess fluid.

The energy value of the complex is approximately 500 calories. Offers a choice of several menus: main, vegetarian, traditional (meat), Mediterranean. Pets increase calorie intake, chicken breast, eggs, natural yogurt, cottage cheese and other diet products up to 1000 kcal.

Also sold separately bars, first and second courses, the drinks, which include protein shakes, not included in set menu, but is recommended as a Supplement to those who feel too hungry or actively engaged in physical activity. They are good enough to replace what is not suitable in the main set, for example, due to individual intolerance or gastronomic preferences.

Get the diet in the set and not worry about counting calories – it is very convenient, especially for busy people. Other companies adopt this promising experience. So, your “diet harmony” offers and Elena Malysheva, who decided to “collect” all recommendations as a dietitian in one box. Learn how the contents of the suitcase from Leovet”, you can from the following video:

Instructions and recommendations for use

Products in the form of concentrates are in sachets, each of which is specified day use. It remains to dissolve the contents of a particular package of boiling water, and the food is ready. The bags you can take with you to work, on the road, to the country. The name of a set of “Lose weight in a week” off “Leovit” bit is not true. Actually the program consists of three stages. If someone needs to lose quite a bit and have willpower to further control the usual style of food, you can stay. For the others – go ahead.

At stage 1 a week you cleanse the body and prepared him for further improvement. On the 2nd stage, the active reduction of body weight using a low calorie diet, cleansing and fat burn complexes and the formation of healthy eating habits. The diet also included in the bag, it can be supplemented by vegetables, fruits, low-fat kefir and yogurt. The duration of this step is 14 days.

The final stage 3 allows you to fix the result and to avoid the risk of re-gaining weight. Duration is 1-3 months. At this stage you need to adhere to a fractional power is to eat 4-6 times a day in small portions. Caloric intake should be no more than 1500-200 kcal per day. Regular menu can be augmented with other products from the same series. It is desirable to arrange fasting days, for example, on the fruits or the vegetables.

Contraindications to the use of complex, almost none. The only thing that you cannot apply such a low calorie diet for pregnant and nursing mothers, children, teenagers, elderly people suffering from anorexia, chronic digestive diseases in the acute stage.

Where to buy and at what price?

Executive – “Lose weight in a week” sold in pharmacies, online stores, you can find them on the shelves of major supermarkets. On the corporate website of the company “Leovit” presents the entire line of diet products, including chests. The price is set, depending on geography and points of sales, ranges from 650 to 800 rubles.

Reviews of doctors and buyers

Alena, 24 years. During pregnancy scored 18 kg. of Course, they need to get rid of, and I bought a box “Lose weight in a week”. After the first day of enthusiasm diminished, too was hungry before eating for two”, but the diet has endured to the end. The taste of the soup was just awful, cereal tolerated, and the drinks delicious. The result is almost zero, dropped only 1 kg, I am disappointed. With my excess weight, on the go, have a lot of money to put on this “Leovit”.

Inga, 35 years. We work just boom some all lose weight with suitcases. I also decided to try it. Diet is just super! Hunger is not felt at all, the portions are small, but they eat. In the office – the most it! All week from the plate rested, and at the same time from sandwiches and cakes. All pretty good, especially liked the pudding, coffee and bars. The result is minus 3.5 kg, I am delighted.

Vadim, a dietician. The power supply system “Leovit – Lose weight in a week” really helps to reduce weight without much stress to the body and health, and also to normalize the metabolism, gently clean the intestines from toxins and to accustom ourselves to eat modest portions. Actually, the course is designed for 3-4 months, and the box is only stage 1, and from the subsequent schemes slimming should not give up for those who want to really get results and save it. The manufacturer produces products based on the principles of healthy eating that has passed testing at the Institute of nutrition. I think this method of weight reduction is quite acceptable, but not for people diagnosed with obesity that cannot jumping on such a low calorie diet.


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