лифтингLifting the common name for the procedure, during which there is a tightening of the skin with the restoration of her youth and elasticity. Accessed women of different age, Mature, and even those who only notice the appearance of the first age-related changes. Lifting there is no such restrictions, as soon as the skin loses its elasticity, it can be tightened. The only question is how best to do this most effectively and safely for each individual case.

In women, there is one false prejudice, which boils down to incorrect interpretation of the concept of «lifting». Many understood exclusively surgery, that’s why I refuse lifting, anticipate and other methods of correction. In reality lifting this is not a method or technique, it is the result of a procedure. Lifting literally «pulling» – can be achieved in a number of ways.


Non-invasive lifting

Non-invasive procedures imply the lack of intervention in the organism, they are without cuts or punctures, combine the efficiency and safety of such methods of correction are good for people with absolute contraindications to the integrity of the skin.

  • Laser lift – one of the most common procedures with high efficiency and small number of contraindications. Face lifting using a laser, is well tolerated, but a few days after the procedure remains redness of the skin, some of the patient noted the pain that soon passes. The essence of laser resurfacing: beam penetrates skin to a certain depth and evaporate tissue area. This damage stimulates the epidermis regeneration, starts a restore collagen-elastin skeleton providing the elasticity of the skin, are wrinkles, increase the tone, elimination of flabbiness.
  • Micro-current lifting this effect on the skin weak pulse current of frequency up to 600 mA. Due to careful effects of microcurrent therapy is becoming a useful alternative for people with contraindications to other procedures of rejuvenation. Apparatus for this procedure generates a «smart» current which passes through the damaged cell and restores it, which can not make the current higher frequency. Micro-current lifting shows patients with a sensitivity to aggressive methods.
  • Фотолифтинг – effects on the skin intense pulsed light (IPL. Light waves of a certain length penetrate deep into the skin, is absorbed by the cells start regenerating process. After фотолифтинга there are no unpleasant phenomena, and therefore does not require rehabilitation period, and the efficiency is comparable to more intensive methods. In the result of course фотолифтинга restore stocks begins collagen providing skin elasticity and smoothness.
  • Termolifting also called radio frequencies or RF-lifting. Its essence in the exposure of the skin to high-frequency radio waves which heat the skin launching recovery processes followed by pulling up. The negative aspects thermal lifting is the fact that this happens a high-temperature processing, that are not always well tolerated by patients and their skin.
  • Vacuum lifting is not that other as facial massage produced by machines with nozzles. Using a vacuum massage excretion of excess fluid, eliminate swelling, removes toxins, improves blood circulation and accelerate local metabolism. Vacuum lifting great if you noticed a negative change in the face oval with sagging cheeks and the advent of the second chin and other areas of fatty deposits. It can be done either on the face and on the body, but with great caution should be treated with this procedure, the holders of the thin dry skin laxity.


Invasive lifting

It includes various types of intervention: pricks, cuts of different scale.

  • Мезотерапевтичекий lifting. It is considered one of the most sensitive techniques skin lifting. In it to a depth of 1-5 mm entered микродозы vitamin cocktails containing components necessary for stimulating the skin to rejuvenate. There are many different kinds of mesotherapy, and specially allocated biorevitalization. It is an injection of micro doses of hyaluronic acid, which is necessary for the preservation of all evidence of the youth. Biorevitalization gives a tangible effect lifting the skin varying degrees of damage to age-related changes.
  • Chemical peeling. It is recommended for women with mimic wrinkles and started fading of the skin, which still did not become a serious stage with ptosis (sagging or omission of tissue). Superficial, middle, or deep chemical peeling (ANA-acids, trichloroacetic or phenolic acid respectively) gives not only a marked tightening of the skin, but also its clarification, reduction of hyperpigmentation. He is one procedure, after which it may take a long period of rehabilitation. Phenol peeling provides lifting effect, comparable with the full surgery, it makes women after 45 years, with readings, which are difficult in other ways correction.
  • Facelift or round face lift is the apogee of lifting as a set of techniques for facial rejuvenation. This lift in the truest sense of the word: the surgeon makes incisions along the contour of the face in inconspicuous stranger eyes fields (behind the ears, behind the line of hair growth) and stretches the skin, cutting off the excess. After facelift patient spends up to three days in the clinic under the supervision of doctors, and then about two weeks should wear a compressive mask, all this time will go swelling and bruises are inevitable with this type of facelift. After a circular braces there is a great number of side effects, within a year after the operation, you will need to observe a strict regime, including diet, hygiene and other features of cosmetic care.

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