Light diet can even bring a benefit, because it incorporates all required components of a healthy diet. In addition, this diet it helps to shed extra pounds.

It is worth noting that sparing diet people can use quite a long time, however, nutritionists still recommend not to overreact and to comply with all the measure. It is advisable to eat so no more than 7 days, otherwise the body is not prepared to zbuntowani.

So, what the menu should follow during the observance of such a diet for weight loss? Here what will be your daily menu During my first Breakfast drink a glass of tea (without sugar), you can drink black coffee without sugar. As you understand, light diet does not provide sugar.

At lunch, eat forty grams of cheese. During lunch you need to eat hard-boiled egg, some cheese, one hundred and twenty grams of lean meat (preferably have it ready for a couple, boil). Afternoon tea is quite modest – it will consist of a Cup of tea (again unsweetened). Now about the dinner. Dinner will be chopped veggies (drizzle them with oil) and you can eat 200 grams of boiled red fish. Also, you must drink at bedtime Cup of mint tea or milk.

If you want to lose weight until next year or are going to go to hot countries in winter, you should think about how to increase their physical activity. This will greatly contribute to your fat accumulation collapsed at high speed. It will be important to remember another fact, which shows that among athletes, there are simply no overweight people.

Look at the players, have you ever seen a full time football player or fat? Why the players are so slim and skinny? But because they have in the diet is only healthy food that does not impede the growth of their muscles and they are constantly involved in sports. So start to eat only healthy products that do not harm your body and sign up to the gym, so that was an incentive to do sports.

If you have friends who also want to lose weight and go on a healthy diet, you can do fitness and eat right, then there will be more enthusiasm.

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