легкий макияж на каждый деньDaily makeup should not be catchy and provocative. Its purpose is to emphasize the expressiveness damn, lightly mark them, but in any case does not make a person more seductive, more appropriate in the evening makeup. Light makeup on every day should be done in neutral tones, color accents is not needed here at all, no matter how much you have bright or faded appearance from nature, because the natural is always beautiful, and the brightness and expressiveness is not always good.

For natural neutral makeup, suitable for daily wear, including work, suitable light brown colour range with small deviations in cream and pink, natural brown, warm olive, blue-gray or gray-brown. The main thing is to stick to when selecting shades – they should not be evident in themselves, in addition, it should not be very noticeable in contrast with the natural characteristics – skin color, eyes, hair. The essence of easy everyday neutral makeup in its harmony, where the colors complement each other, blending into the natural data. Bright touches, glossy Shine or a combination of color-block best left for special occasions.


Create database

легкий макияж на каждый деньClean the skin with a face wash, if necessary, do some exfoliation, clean mattifying toner, and can proceed to the main part.

Moisten the skin with your normal day cream or primer that evens out the skin tone and skin texture, allowing tonal means to lie flat and keep long time. If you are doing makeup for summer, and you have no need for multi-layer coating, you can choose an integrated BB cream or CC cream that simultaneously protect skin and give it a light natural shade.



легкий макияж на каждый деньFlawless complexion, and therefore beautiful natural make-up is impossible, if on the face remain imperfect, that catch the eye. These include local redness, pimples and dark circles under the eyes. All of this lends itself to disguise dense cosmetic correctors are applied to the skin to tone means.

Blue and purple circles under the eyes are masked by the concealer with yellow shade, redness on the face proofreader with a green shade. Beat that, and the other tool fingertips, carefully blend.


The drawing of colours

легкий макияж на каждый деньLiquid Foundation, apply first on the back of your hand or other clean surface. If you do light makeup in the summer, you can do either tonal mousse, or translucent fluid. The tool should be applied from the middle of the face, gradually moving to the contours. Blend the tone at the hairline and be sure to spread under the chin in order to avoid the effect of the mask.


Eyes and eyebrows

легкий макияж на каждый деньEye makeup starts with underscore eyebrows. Unruly eyebrows with hair sticking out should be smooth brush dipped in the gel for eyebrows. To give expression to emphasize the eyebrow shadows matching shade, gently zastrahovala the gaps between hairs.

Forever you can apply a little primer or powder to create a uniform matte paintings. Makeup on the eyelids during the day it is better to use no more than two shades of eye shadows, but you can do one. Apply a light shade (white, shades of ivory, cream, pink or beige) for the most part motionless century, blend well. Then take the second shade, slightly darker (medium brown, gray, olive), and put it close to the lash line, shading diagonally to the outer corner of the eye.

The eye contour is possible to emphasize gray or brown pencil, focusing on growth lines of your upper lashes, and well it shading to avoid sharp lines. At the end of macrosite eyelash lengthening mascara.


Lips and cheekbones and final touches

легкий макияж на каждый деньFor lips and cheeks in a light day make-up is preferable to choose a very neutral shades which are not striking. Lipstick can be a creamy pink, natural shade of coffee with milk, beige-coral, cool pink-brown. Cheekbones can not be stressed at all, and if you want, then apply only compact blush barely touching cheeks wide natural brush. Shades of blush – pale peach or coral.

From lip pencil should be abandoned, * saving * for evening makeup. To enhance the effect of natural makeup lips can not be painted, and walk the path tonal means. To protect and make a light color, apply the nourishing lip balm – transparent colorless or dull muffled pigment.

Powder face, if during makeup on it stood out Shine. Next day try to be as less makeup as it clogs the pores and causes the reproduction of bacteria on the face. Keep matting cloth and, if necessary, slightly probabilite face.

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